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Blake Cooper Griffin talks ‘Lessons With Martha,’ ‘Mad About You’ (Includes interview)

He recently made appearances on Marvel’s “Cloak & Dagger” and the latest Spectrum originals reboot of “Mad About You,” starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser. “I filmed Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ in New Orleans, and I had a really good time on it. I worked with a really talented cast,” he said.

“Watching Helen and Paul on this show is a masterclass in acting. They are so funny, so committed and they are at the top of their game. It is one of the nicest sets. That was really fun,” he admitted.

Audiences remember Blake as the star of The 2018 CW Seed reboot of “Beerfest: Thirst for Victory,” which was inspired by the Broken Lizard cult classic film, “Beerfest.” He teamed up with Matthew C. Johnson, the director of “Beerfest: Thirst for Victory,” on the upcoming film Lessons With Martha, which explores a relationship between a grandmother and her grandson.

On Lessons With Martha, he said, “It’s a relationship between a grandmother and a grandson. It was really powerful for me since I was very close to my grandparents, especially my grandmother who passed this summer. This was a tribute in my eyes to get to do that film project. It was so much fun to work with Matthew C. Johnson again. It was totally different than ‘Beerfest.’ This is about a woman who was so important in this guy’s life, and as he has gotten older, he has taken the lessons that he has learned from her and he has integrated them into his life.”

“In Lessons With Martha, the grandma is starting to make her exit. She’s struggling with dementia. It was a really powerful thing to step into and I am glad that Matthew trusted me with the material,” he added. “It’s a small cast (of four actors) and we shot it with a talented group of people.”

 Lessons With Martha  poster

‘Lessons With Martha’ poster
‘Lessons With Martha’ poster

During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he expressed his gratitude to all the healthcare workers, nurses, and grocery store workers. “These are the people that are keeping us alive during this time. I am just so grateful to them,” he said.

He also praised New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, for being a “true leader.” “I am just so impressed by him and California governor Gavin Newsom. They have both done a great job and I am so grateful to them. I watch them every day,” he said.

Griffin had nothing but the kindest words about fellow actor Mike C. Manning. “Mike is a great guy. He and I work together on a lot of anti-bullying campaigns and we worked on some political campaigns. I am a big fan of Mike’s so any chance I get to work on a project with him (charity or political or acting), I’m in. He is very good at games. We play games a good bit and at game nights, I usually win. I beat him at ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Charades’,” Griffin said with a sweet laugh. “I really count Mike as one of my really good friends. I am very lucky to have him as a good friend.”

To learn more about actor Blake Cooper Griffin, follow him on Instagram.

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