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Bill Sorvino talks ‘Who’s Jenna…?’ film and ‘Iron Terry Malone’ (Includes interview)

Who’s Jenna…? was written and directed by Thomas Baldinger. “The director and writer, Tom, saw my work in a couple of films and he approached me for the lead role in this film. I thought it was hysterical and a great opportunity for me to do some comedy,” Sorvino. “It is a comedy, and it sounded like a great plan to do it. Who’s Jenna…? was a great project.”

Sorvino continued, “It’s a great ride, with a lot of plot twists and turns. There is a lot of comedy, and it is a little raunchy. It’s an enjoyable run. You walk away feeling great after 90 minutes out of reality. It’s a fun, fun movie.”

Regarding his plans for the future, Sorvino said, “I am in the middle of pre-production. I am starring and producing Iron Terry Malone, with Christian Keiber, and Johnny Greenlaw is directing it.”

Last year, Sorvino won the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the Port Hueneme International Film Festival for his work in Mommy’s Box. “That was a great, awesome surprise,” he said. “I was blown away. I was so happy.”

He had nothing but the greatest remarks about working with actors Kelly Karavites and Johnny Greenlaw in Mommy’s Box. “Kelly is awesome. He is a great actor, and great to work with, and fun to be around. We also brought him into Iron Terry Malone,” he said.

Digital transformation of film and TV

For Sorvino, technology in the entertainment business is a good thing. “It opens up the possibilities to more people seeing your work and you can promote it on social media,” he said. “Obviously, seeing it in the theater is better, but it is going away. Unless you are an action movie [Marvel], very rarely will you get a film in the movie theaters.”

To learn more about actor Bill Sorvino, check out his official IMDb page.

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