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Bibi Lucille talks about writing and starring in ‘The Silver Lining’

Actress Bibi Lucille chatted about writing and starring in “The Silver Lining,” and being a filmmaker in the digital age.

Bibi Lucille
Bibi Lucille. Photo Credit: Michael Brown.
Bibi Lucille. Photo Credit: Michael Brown.

Actress Bibi Lucille chatted about writing and starring in “The Silver Lining,” and being a filmmaker in the digital age.

Inspiration to write ‘The Silver Lining’

On her inspiration to write this film, she said, “As an actress and writer, I’ve recently been drawn to stories that explore the intersection of technology and humanity (Black Mirror, Love Death and Robots).”

“With ‘The Silver Lining,’ I was inspired by the pervasive influence of smartphones in our lives and the ethical questions they raise. The idea of a tech journalist uncovering a deadly truth behind a revolutionary smartphone felt like a natural fit for exploring these themes,” she explained.

“Additionally, I was intrigued by the opportunity to delve into the complexities of power dynamics and moral ambiguity, all within the framework of a darkly comedic thriller,” she elaborated.

“Writing and starring in ‘The Silver Lining’ allowed me to bring these ideas to life in a way that felt both relevant and thought-provoking,” she added.

Favorite part of the filming and writing experience

She went on to share her favorite part of the filming and writing experience. “It was the collaborative process,” she admitted. “Working with a talented team of filmmakers, actors, and crew members allowed me to see my vision come to life in ways I hadn’t imagined.”

“Whether it was crafting intricate plot twists during the writing process or bringing scenes to life on set, every moment was an opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and push creative boundaries,” she explained.

“Seeing the passion and dedication of everyone involved was truly inspiring, and it’s what made the experience so rewarding,” she added.


She recalled her time in the digital drama series “Purgatory.” “It was a wonderful experience, one I feel endlessly grateful to have had,” she said.

“Living and filming in Armenia was such a unique, incredible experience and it was made even better by my co-stars Danny Mahoney, Erik Fellows, Tatjana Marjanovic and Johnny Neals to name a few,” she said.

“They are all extremely talented and professional actors, who not only brought the series to life but made the whole experience so much fun,” she added.

The digital age

On being an actor and filmmaker in the digital age, she said, “Being an actor and filmmaker in the digital age is both exhilarating and challenging.”

“On one hand, advancements in streaming platforms, technology, and social media have democratized the industry, allowing for greater access to audiences and opportunities for independent creators like myself,” she said.

“The ability to share my work with a global audience at the touch of a button is truly remarkable and has opened up doors that were previously inaccessible,” she added. 

“On the other hand, with this accessibility comes increased competition and noise,” she noted. “Standing out in a sea of content can be daunting, requiring constant innovation and adaptability.”

“Navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media and digital marketing is also a skill in itself, as I strive to connect with audiences in meaningful ways while maintaining authenticity and integrity. Despite the challenges, I am grateful for the opportunities that the digital age has afforded me,” she explained.

“Embracing technology and harnessing its power to tell compelling stories and reach new audiences is both a privilege and a responsibility,” she added.

Advice for young and aspiring actors

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “My advice is simple: stay true to yourself and never stop learning and growing. The path to success in the entertainment industry can be unpredictable and challenging, but perseverance, dedication, and a willingness to take risks can make all the difference.”

“First and foremost, focus on honing your craft,” she said. “Take acting classes, workshops, and seminars to develop your skills and expand your repertoire. Embrace feedback and constructive criticism as opportunities for growth, and never stop pushing yourself to explore new techniques and approaches.”

“Networking is also key,” she underscored. “Build relationships with fellow actors, directors, producers, and industry professionals. Attend industry events, join acting groups or online communities, and be proactive in seeking out opportunities to collaborate and showcase your talent.”

“In addition to honing your craft and networking, it’s important to cultivate resilience and perseverance. Rejection is an inevitable part of the acting industry, but it’s how you respond to setbacks that ultimately defines your success,” she said.

The importance of staying focused on goals

“Stay focused on your goals, maintain a positive attitude, and never lose sight of why you started pursuing acting in the first place,” she noted.

“Finally, embrace every opportunity that comes your way, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Every audition, role, and experience is a chance to learn, grow, and improve as an actor,” she acknowledged.

“Stay open-minded, adaptable, and willing to take on new challenges, and remember that every step you take is a step closer to achieving your dreams,” she said.

“Above all, believe in yourself and your abilities. With passion, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace the journey, anything is possible in the world of acting,” she added.

Dream acting partners

She listed Phoebe Waller-Bridge as her dream acting partner. “As an actress and writer, teaming up with Phoebe Waller-Bridge would be amazing,” she exclaimed.

“I’m inspired by her gutsy storytelling and clever humor,” she said. “She creates characters that feel real and relatable, which is something I strive for in my own work.”

“With ‘Fleabag’, Waller-Bridge broke all the rules with her writing and performance; its raw honesty, dark humor, and unapologetic exploration of taboo topics like grief, love, and mental health resonated with audiences all around the world,” she elaborated.

“I truly believe she has inspired writers everywhere to be more honest and daring in their work,” she added.


On her definition of the word success, she said, “Success, to me, means finding fulfillment and happiness in what I do. It’s not just about external achievements or recognition, but about feeling proud of my work and the impact it has on others.”

“Success is about growth, learning, and pushing myself to be the best version of myself, both personally and professionally,” she said.

“It’s about following my passion, staying true to my values, and making a positive difference in the world, however big or small,” she added.

Closing thoughts on ‘The Silver Lining’

She remarked about “The Silver Lining,” “It’s a story that delves deep into the complexities of our modern world, particularly the relationship between technology and humanity.”

“It’s not just a thriller; it’s a thought-provoking exploration of the ethical dilemmas we face in an increasingly digital age. The characters are rich and multidimensional, the plot is full of twists and turns, and the themes are both timely and timeless,” she explained.

“Ultimately, ‘The Silver Lining’ is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat while also challenging you to think critically about the world we live in,” she concluded.

To learn more about Bibi Lucille, follow her on Instagram, and check out her IMDb page.

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