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Ben Crofchick talks about ‘Deal or No Deal Island’ on NBC

Benjamin Crofchick chatted about being the first male briefcase model on “Deal or No Deal Island,” which premieres on February 26 on NBC.

Ben Crofchick
Ben Crofchick. Photo Credit: Corey Myers
Ben Crofchick. Photo Credit: Corey Myers

Benjamin “Ben” Crofchick chatted about being the first male briefcase model on “Deal or No Deal Island,” which premieres on February 26 on NBC.

New show is hosted by Joe Manganiello

This reality competition show will be hosted by Joe Manganiello (with Howie Mandel serving as an executive producer), and Crofchick will be one of the Banker’s assistants. This new competition format has been reimagined from the original “Deal or No Deal” format.

“Joe is a great guy,” he said. “Joe has a radiant energy to him. He has a little puppy that he walks around with. For his first hosting job, he is doing an amazing job just like Howie did. Joe is a natural at everything he does.”

“The whole team on ‘Deal or No Deal Island’ was incredible to work with,” he admitted. “The energy on the island was positive the entire time. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

“To be the first male briefcase model on this show is very humbling. I am so blessed and honored to do this on NBC. It will be something I will remember forever and be able to see forever,” he added.

‘Deal or No Deal Island’

The show will transport 13 players to the elusive Banker’s private island where he makes the rules and there are twists behind every palm tree.

Hidden on the island are over 100 briefcases with millions of dollars split between them, which players must compete to retrieve in thrilling challenges and mind-bending dilemmas.

“This is the same show that everyone grew up and loving but it is on an island with some snakes, water, and explosions with a ‘Survivor’ vibe to it. All of these elements make it better,” he acknowledged.

In each episode, the player up for elimination must play a high-stakes game of “Deal or No Deal.” At the end of the season, the last player standing will face the Banker to potentially win the biggest prize in “Deal or No Deal” history.

“I am so excited about this show,” he exclaimed. “It is a little over a month away. The little teaser they have is fun. There is so much to come. The show is so exciting. Everybody is in for a treat. It will be a good time. I am super-stoked,” he foreshadowed.

Working with Kim Kardashian

Prior to this gig, he was known as the face of Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle and clothing brand SKIMS, where he was personally selected by her for the campaign.

 “It was amazing to work with Kim,” he exclaimed. “Kim’s men’s collection is new, so to be able to hop on that as a fresh start, and be the male face for the company was a blessing. Kim and her team are fantastic. They are so on it. Kim is so humble, and she has a great vision for her company. Everything Kim touches turns to gold.”

Working with Christina Aguilera and Gisele Bundchen

Crofchick appeared in Galore Magazine with pop star Christina Aguilera and was featured on the cover of V Magazine alongside supermodel Gisele Bundchen. “When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2019, working with Christina Aguilera was one of my first shoots,” he said.

“Christina was feeding me spaghetti in that shoot and that was hard to explain to all my friends back home how that happened so quickly,” he said with a sweet laugh. ‘The picture will last forever, and it was a great experience.”

“Also, I worked with Gisele in Miami, and she was amazing. It had a super cool theme with a swimming and moody Miami vibe to it. To get to work with Gisele, who is one of the top supermodels in the world, was a humbling experience that I will remember for life,” he said.

He has also appeared in advertising campaigns, and has graced the covers of numerous magazines such as Period Magazine, The Perfect Man Magazine, and L’Officiel Poland. Crofchick is now repped by Pretty Management.

AI on the future of the industry

He shared his thoughts on AI on the future of the industry. “It’s something that I keep thinking about,” he reflected. “You are seeing it become more used and it’s more realistic and accessible these days.”

“I can see it being used more for e-commerce and opposed to print,” he said. “The models that are always using e-commerce as their source of income might become obsolete. Brands can save money using digital AI models for their websites, especially if they can save money.”

Cody Callahan

Crofchick had positive words about fellow actor and model Cody Callahan (“Animal Kingdom”). “Cody is amazing, he is a great guy. I met him back in 2019 so I’ve known him for a little while,” he said.

The digital age

On being a fashion model and social influencer in the digital age, he said, “It’s different. When I got into this modeling career, I never even pictured TV, digital, and commercial.”

Crofchick continued, “Back in the day, it was all print and e-commerce campaigns. It’s a different avenue, it’s a different type of modeling, and it’s something that is all new to me. I pick up things very easily though, and when you have a great team behind you, they make things easier.”

“I like the digital and video aspect because you can show more of your personality. It just comes natural,” he added.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Harvesting.”

“My word last year was patience throughout the year, so my word this year is harvest. That’s my motivation… to accept everything that comes my way and to treat it with positivity and optimism. I want to stay true to that this year,” he explained.

Advice for young and aspiring fitness models

For young and aspiring fashion models, he said, “You need to have thick skin, don’t take things personal, you need to stay true to yourself, and you have to treat it like it’s a career.”

“Don’t let it get to you and don’t let it overwhelm you. Also, stay in shape, eat healthy, be mindful, be positive, treat people kindly and be humble… that way, this career can take you anywhere,” he added.

His favorite motto to live by is to “not take things too seriously.” “Stay a little lighthearted and take life as it comes at you,” he said.

If he were to have any superpower, it would be “flight.” “I think flying would be great. I love being in airplanes even though there is a little bit of fear behind it. I love the views that you get. I love sunsets, hiking, and seeing views from the top of the mountain,” he said.

“There is a freedom to flying; it is very liberating,” he added.


Regarding his definition of the word success, he said, “As long as I am healthy, I have mental health, and my family is safe and healthy, then that’s a success. Money and status don’t show success, in my opinion. Humility and being mentally happy is a success. “

Closing thoughts on ‘Deal or No Deal Island’

For fans and viewers, he stated about “Deal or No Deal Island,” “I hope people tune in on February 26 because the show that everyone knows and loves is back.”

“When there is water, explosions, snakes, helicopters, and mud, it is only going to make things more exciting. If you liked the show prior to this, it is only going to get better. There is drama and everyone will be in for a treat. Tune in and get some popcorn,” he concluded.

To learn more about model and social influencer Ben Crofchick, follow him on Instagram.

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