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‘Baywatch’ alum David Chokachi talks about ‘Last Call in the Dog House’

“Baywatch” actor David Chokachi chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about the new film “Last Call in the Dog House.”

Actor David Chokachi in 'Last Call in the Dog House
Actor David Chokachi in 'Last Call in the Dog House.' Photo Courtesy of Broadwood Media.
Actor David Chokachi in 'Last Call in the Dog House.' Photo Courtesy of Broadwood Media.

“Baywatch” actor David Chokachi chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about the new film “Last Call in the Dog House.”

The film, written and directed by Bruce Reisman, will be launching in July of 2021. It is produced by Broadwood Media and it will be distributed via The Dog House is an iconic New York dive bar, and it is owned by an extraordinary family.

Three people, from different backgrounds, enter at closing time on different nights, carrying the world on their shoulders. By the time each of them leaves after “the last call,” their souls are saved, while two of them realize how connected they are.

The synopsis of this contemporary drama/fantasy is as follows: David Chokachi (“Baywatch”) is “Dog,” the owner of an extraordinary New York dive bar called “The Dog House.” Alongside him are his sons, Jess (rising actor Aaron Fors) and Mo (Adam Jacobs, who is known as Broadway’s original “Aladdin”), their mother Mary (Yancy Butler), and brooding playwright Simon (Parker Stevenson).

They all have special – one could even say biblical – powers, and when three strangers enter the bar at closing time, this special family helps guide them through their troubled pasts to bring them to spiritual and mental peace.

On playing “Dog,” he said, “The premise of this film was different from any other movie I’ve ever done. It’s a drama but there is also a mystical element to the story. My character’s name is Dog, but when you spell it backwards, it’s God, and I am playing God. My son is Jess and he is Jesus and Adam Jacobs is playing Moses.”

“It was really cool because anytime you play something that is nonmortal there is no right or wrong with the choices that you make. That allowed for a much more still performance, which was cool since it’s a different approach,” Chokachi said.

“I think this series of movies that Bruce is doing is some of the best work that he has ever done,” he added. “I think the ‘Last Call in the Dog House’ is going to blow people’s minds, it’s so cool. We are actually in pre-production for the second installment, which we expect to shoot in August.”

The trailer may be seen below.

Chokachi enjoyed being a part of Jacob Young’s “Real Conversations with Jacob Young” podcast, and he praised Young for being a “cool dude.” To listen to his informed conversation with Jacob Young, click here.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Chokachi responded, “Resilience.”

In his personal life, he revealed that his daughter is becoming a junior lifeguard, and that program is being taught by Greg Bonann, the creator of “Baywatch.” “26 years later, my daughter is learning real lifeguarding as opposed to the TV lifeguarding that I learned,” he said. “This is the real thing and that’s so cool.”

For his fans and viewers, he concluded about “Last Call in the Dog House,” “The movie goes in so many different directions. Everybody has problems. The message is that even though humans have complicated issues and deep-seated problems, there is a way out and they can heal these things.”

To learn more about actor David Chokachi, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

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