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Aussie rockers Shadowqueen back with introspective new single

Consisting of Robbi Zana (vocals/bass), Si Hopman (guitar) and Alex Deegan (drums), Shadowqueen have been making quite a name for themselves over the past four years, drawing favourable comparisons with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Muse and Rage Against the Machine.

As well as being an inventive group of songwriters, on the road the band have supported popular New Zealand quartet Shihad and Australian acts such as Electric Mary, The Butterfly Effect and Bellusira.

The aforementioned new single, “Waiting on You,” is due out next week, and in the accompanying press release Robbi Zana describes it thus: “This track’s narrative shines the light on the struggles of contending with internal self-deprecating dialogue and the realisation that you’re ultimately waiting on yourself to get out and achieve your goals and dreams.”

It begins with the kind of heavy pulsating riff that immediately makes one sit up and take note. Zana’s vocals are distinctive, assured-sounding and full of energy, and the video — featuring quills, thrills and blood — is suitably atmospheric.

There is a touch of humour during the bridge when the three band members, dressed in black and wearing masks, dance around like demented performance artists. At around the 2.45 mark, Zana demonstrates her skill on the bass guitar with a funky instrumental break.

I very much enjoyed this song – the first I’d ever heard from this group – and I look forward to seeing what their sophomore effort brings. Definitely one to watch in the world of rock.

“Waiting on You” will be available to download from September 2.

For more information on Shadowqueen, visit their official website.

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