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Ashley Monroe talks new album ‘Sparrow,’ future and Eric Clapton (Includes interview)

On the song selection process for Sparrow, Monroe said, “I started writing a lot a few years back, and all of these songs started coming out on paper. I would send them to my manager and Dave Cobb, so we could all be on the same page, and we all agreed and came up with the ones we thought were the strongest.”

Monroe added, “I can’t believe the album is finally coming out on Friday, but I am so excited it is here. I am really proud of this album. I hope this new record moves the fans in the way it has moved me making it.”

When asked if she was going for a certain theme for this musical effort, she responded, “Not at all. I didn’t think about it at all. I go with my gut and what my heart says. I never think about it. Ever. I tend to over-think everything else but music. We listed to Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry and early Elton John songs in the studio. Those strings really pull out the emotions in the songs. As I was sequencing the record, I looked back, and I could see that it tells a story.”

While it was very difficult for Monroe to select a personal favorite tune off this project, she acknowledged that she listened to ”
Keys to the Kingdom” a great deal. “That song calms me down,” he said.

On April 24, 2018, Monroe revealed that she is playing at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn. “That will be my first time playing these songs live there. We rehearsed them last week. The venue looked cool,” she said.

Each day, Monroe is motivated by her son and her husband, John Danks, as well as music. “The love that I have for music keeps me going,” she said. “After having my son, I feel so fresh and new. It’s a good feeling. Where I am in my life, really reflects this record.”

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In the little spare time that Monroe may have, she will spend it with her son listening to the AM radio.

Monroe listed Eric Clapton and Rufus Wainwright as her dream collaboration choices. “I love Eric Clapton so much,” she said.

Digital transformation of country music

Regarding the impact of technology on the country music scene, she said, “Technology has changed everything. I’m lucky that there is streaming for my audience to hear my music. I’m lucky that I can use it to hear music that I listen to. It has allowed us to access music that we wouldn’t be able to hear otherwise. Once they get all the payments worked out accordingly, everybody will be happy.”

Monroe admitted that she listens to vinyl all the time. “I like that people are coming back around to that,” she said, and shared that Sparrow will be available on vinyl.

She had nothing but the nicest words about fellow country songstress Gwen Sebastian, and singing “Wing and a Feather” on her album. “That was fun,” she said. “I love Gwen. She is a beautiful soul.”

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Sparrow will be released on April 20, and it is available for pre-order on iTunes.

To learn more about country singer Ashley Monroe, check out her official website.

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