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As the fashion world plows into crypto, Remuno payments could be the answer

The fashion industry is keen to stay ahead of the curve.


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The fashion industry is keen to stay ahead of the curve. Famously at the forefront of progression, luxury fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Off-White, and Burberry have all accepted crypto payments in the past – and are keen to remain loyal to the payment method despite the current market low. In fact, the brand Alo Yoga has plowed further ahead into crypto, announcing that it will pay its workers using crypto payments online. Meanwhile, huge fashion house Farfetch announced that it’s joining its luxury competitors in accepting crypto payments. 

New company Remuno is storming into the crypto-verse changing the game with its chic design and ease of use, they’re pioneering crypto payments and making it easier than ever to pay in cryptocurrencies. Could this payment processor be the future for trading in the fashion and retail industries? Read more about Remuno on The Coin Republic.

The Effect of Luxury Fashion’s Love of Cryptocurrency 

Since the announcement that luxury fashion brands would accept crypto payments, there has been a snowball effect, spreading across the retail industry as a whole. Many of these high-end brands now accept crypto as in-store payment methods too and the adoption of crypto by Alo Yoga proves the trickle-down effect of this success.

These luxury brands started a global movement into crypto payments and it’s no longer just tech companies that accept crypto – they have moved into the mainstream. Fast food companies KFC, Burger King, and Subway all accept crypto too, as well as Microsoft and T-Mobile. Are we seeing into the future? 

How does Remuno work? 

As more fashion brands and companies accept cryptocurrency, especially in their physical stores, more people will be interested in purchasing products through crypto. This is where Remuno steps in. 

Remuno is a cool new payment processor that enables customers to check out in crypto when buying goods and services from merchants. They are stepping forward as THE solution to pay using crypto. Using Remuno, you have the ability to check out using any coins that are in the top 95% of the market making it widely available for crypto users. Remuno is dedicated to facilitating the use of crypto payments for everyone, making it simple and easy for both merchants and customers alike. 

What about the volatility of crypto? Using Remuno, customers aren’t forced into crypto payments, the price will be quoted in local currency as well as crypto options. The merchant can then make the decision on what to do with this payment – they can leave it as crypto, change the funds from one cryptocurrency to another, or convert it to their local non-crypto currency.

Other payment processors are already out there. But, as crypto hits the mainstream, it needs to be simplified as much as possible. This is where Remuno is strong – their carefully designed technology removes complicated issues for both merchants and customers. They are the cool new kid on the block, offering something sleek, easy, and cool.

To find out more, check out the Remuno website or read this article.

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