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Anna Sofia talks about her new EP, the digital age, and Elton John

Toronto songstress Anna Sofia chatted about her new EP “Let Me Out I’m Free!” which was released on May 19.

Anna Sofia
Anna Sofia. Photo Credit: Steph Verschuren
Anna Sofia. Photo Credit: Steph Verschuren

Toronto songstress Anna Sofia chatted about her new EP “LET ME OUT I’M FREE!” which was released on May 19.

The EP release is also accompanied by a co-directed cinematic film project which soundtracks four of the songs and closes with a brand new song, her single “Caged Birds Don’t Sing.” The lyrics and visuals showcase the singer-songwriter’s storytelling truths in the POV of GenZ, facing the mental and physical barriers that come with anxiety and fear. 

“The song selection for this EP was very natural,” she said. “We had written 20 songs where we had to pick six songs. It was all about the songs that spoke to me and felt really good to me.”

She listed the tracks “Caged Birds Don’t Sing” and “Go” as her two personal favorite tunes in this musical effort, which ironically enough, were the first and last songs that she penned for this EP.

“The song ‘Cruel World’ is pretty awesome too. I love it,” she added. “The first time that I loved a song so much was ‘Caged Birds Don’t Sing.’

Regarding her music and songwriting inspirations, she said, “It is always different every project I write. It deals with what I am listening to at the moment. I am very much inspired by the music that I listened to growing up. I like exploring different genres in music.”

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, she said, “Honestly, it feels weird. I have never been an artist that isn’t in the digital age. I started writing music when I was pretty young and I was into social media and other digital platforms.”

“I do like it, it’s a really cool place especially right now for artists that are new and upcoming. TikTok and the digital age have helped people be something without needing everyone around them. The digital age is a cool and interesting thing,” she added.

Elton John

She listed Elton John as her dream collaboration choice in music. “Elton John is my favorite artist of all time. I love him and I know that he collaborates with newer artists, he has his own show on Apple Music, where he interviews new artists and I really respect him in that sense since he is a legendary musician. It is great to see him using his power and influence to help newer artists. It would be really cool to do a song with him someday,” she said.

On her definition of the word success, Anna Sofia said, “To see myself in the position of the artists that I was watching when I was young. I would love to someday see a stadium full of people singing my music back to me and being able to perform for people all over the world.”

“LET ME OUT I’M FREE!” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. “The biggest thing that I want people to get out of this EP is the fact that no matter what you are doing, carve your own path and do your own thing. Do not let anyone get in your way of success,” she concluded.

To learn more about Anna Sofia, follow her on Instagram.

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