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Angel Prater talks about starring in ‘The Engagement Dress’

Angel Prater chatted about starring as the female lead in “The Engagement Dress” on Tubi opposite Mike Manning.

Angel Prater in 'The Engagement Dress'
Angel Prater in 'The Engagement Dress.' Photo Courtesy of Tubi.
Angel Prater in 'The Engagement Dress.' Photo Courtesy of Tubi.

Angel Prater chatted about starring as the female lead in the romantic comedy “The Engagement Dress” on Tubi opposite Mike Manning.

‘The Engagement Dress’

On being a part of this rom-com as Claudia, she said, “I don’t want to sound super cheesy, but the experience truly was magical. It’s a very rare thing to bring an ensemble cast like that together and have everyone instantly click. This was also the first film where I was “#1 on the call sheet” and I learned a lot about what that means.”

Prater continued, “I think there is a certain responsibility to not only yourself, but to everyone else on set. People look to you a lot for support and reassurance and confidence. It definitely was something that I didn’t take lightly and I hope everyone felt that in the end.”

“I truly am a hopeless romantic so being able to be a part of a story where I could embrace that was very fun for me. It’s not every day you get to live in your own fairytale,” she added.

Stepping into the role of Claudia

On portraying Claudia, she said, “What I loved most about my character Claudia was her relatability. I think at one point or another in life it’s easy to have those moments where we don’t feel like we’re worthy of what seemingly everyone else around us has… whether that be love or success or whatever you truly desire.”

“So I think being able to explore that feeling and also discovering this character’s identity as a whole throughout the process was very rewarding,” she added.

Mike Manning and Angel Prater in 'The Engagement Dress'
Mike Manning and Angel Prater in ‘The Engagement Dress.’ Photo Courtesy of Tubi.

Working with Mike Manning

She opened up about working with Mike Manning as her male lead. “Mike is also one of my favorite people. I actually got to meet Mike for lunch before we filmed and I was so nervous because chemistry between actors can really make or break a film,” she said.

Prater continued, “Thank goodness Mike and I were immediately cracking jokes and laughing like we’d known each other for years and we pretty much have been like that ever since.”

“Aside from him making me laugh uncontrollably every day on set, he truly was a joy to work with. I think trust is so important to have with a scene partner and I knew from the very beginning that he had my back,” she said.

“Mike was always prepared, yet ready to play and explore other ways into a scene and I really appreciated that. Without doubt, the experience wouldn’t have been the same without him,” she added.

Collaborating with Rachel Annette Helson

On working with Rachel, a female director on this project, Prater shared, “I absolutely adore Rachel. She believed in me from the very beginning and that gave me a lot of confidence on set.” 

“Being able to work with a female director was a very special experience,” Prater admitted. “This film is a perfect example of why it’s so important to have women in every role on set. The insight Rachel was able to bring as a creative, first and foremost, but also as a woman was vital to telling the story, especially when we’re talking about Claudia’s journey and the friendship between all the lovely ladies.”

“Rachel also took the time to get to know what each actor needed individually and directed us accordingly. She is a powerhouse and I know she will continue to do great things in front of and behind the camera,” she added.

Rachel Annette Helson
Rachel Annette Helson. Photo Credit: Justin Schuman

The digital age

On being an actress in the digital age, she said, “I think with any sort of technological advancement in society, there are always pros and cons. I think there is way more access than there ever has been which creates a lot of opportunities to connect with other creatives.”

“I personally love self-tapes and think they allow actors to be seen for projects they maybe wouldn’t have been able to in the past,” she said. “I think sometimes new advancements inevitably bring with it new issues we have to work through as a collective.”

“This new digital age has contributed to an overall disconnect and when connection is one of the primary goals in storytelling, it can get skewed through a phone screen or a self tape. I also think we’ve created a false sense of value and worth that’s tied to social media likes and follows that can be very dangerous for ourselves and future generations,” she elaborated.

“It’s a fine line to walk, living in this digital age and maintaining your authentic voice, whilst still trying to create a brand for yourself. It’s a lot to juggle but I try my best to stay true to myself within it all,” she added.

AI in the future of the entertainment industry

She shared her thoughts on AI on the future of the business. “I think AI is just the next step of this digital age and sometimes we move quicker than we can troubleshoot,” she said.

Prater continued, “I believe there are certain industries where AI could improve efficiency, I’m sure, but I’m more on the side of authenticity and human creation when it comes to the arts.”

“AI feels like a push for instant gratification and perfection and I think that completely negates what it means to be human. Our imperfection is what makes us beautiful and special. Patience and having to wait for the things you want is what makes things valuable to us as humans,” she explained.

“AI strips all of that away and leaves us with what? If we’re already having to negotiate for the right to our own being.. I think it’s fair to say I’m worried for what the future will hold,” she added.

Future plans

On her future plans, Prater revealed, “Honestly, I just want to tell stories that people can connect to and play characters that people can see bits of themselves in. And if none of that, I at least want to bring a bit of laughter and joy to the world. I’m working on writing my own project right now and I have aspirations to direct so I’m excited about the future.”


On her definition of the word success, Prater said, “To me, success, isn’t one particular thing or an ‘end goal’ per se. A lot of people equate tangible things to success.. money, magazine covers, nice houses and cars.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love all those things, but I think true success means feeling fulfilled in what you’re doing, how you’re living your life and the impact you make in this world,” she explained.

Angel Prater in 'The Engagement Dress
Angel Prater in ‘The Engagement Dress.’ Photo Courtesy of Tubi.

Closing thoughts on ‘The Engagement Dress’

Prater remarked about this movie, “This is my gift to all the other hopeless romantics out there. If there’s one thing I hope you get out of ‘The Engagement Dress,’ it’s that sometimes when things don’t happen in your favor, it’s to set you up for something even greater than you ever expected. Allow life to surprise you and never lose hope in love.” 

To learn more about actress Angel Prater, follow her on Instagram.

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