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Andrew Walker talks about ‘A Maple Valley Christmas’

Acclaimed Hallmark actor Andrew Walker chatted about his new Hallmark film “A Maple Valley Christmas.”

Andrew Walker in 'A Maple Valley Christmas'
Andrew Walker in 'A Maple Valley Christmas'. Photo Credit: Luka Cyprian, Hallmark Media
Andrew Walker in 'A Maple Valley Christmas'. Photo Credit: Luka Cyprian, Hallmark Media

Acclaimed Hallmark actor Andrew Walker chatted about his new Hallmark film “A Maple Valley Christmas.”

Walker stars opposite Peyton List, and this new original film premieres on Saturday, November 5th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries as part of Hallmark’s annual “Miracles of Christmas” programming event. “It’s the most traditional Hallmark movie that I have done in a little while,” he said.

“Doing this movie was so different but pleasantly so,” Walker admitted. “This film is a really deep, passionate, and intense love story between my character and Peyton’s character Erica. There is that story going on, and a story between my father and me, which is interesting. I thought of all the sons out there that never lived up to their father’s expectations.”

“In this movie, I was groomed to take over my dad’s business and in my late 30s, I decided that this is not the future that I want to have. The father is still putting pressure on me to take over the business. It was a really great dichotomy of stories,” he added.

In “A Maple Valley Christmas,” Erica Holden (Peyton List) has spent her whole life working toward a set of goals: buy back half of Maple Valley Farm her mother Ina (played by Frances Flanagan of “The 27-Hour Day”) had to sell and allow her mother to retire.

As Christmas time rolls in and Maple Valley Farms begin their week-long, unforgettable Christmas activities, Erica is almost there until Aaron Davenport (Andrew Walker) shows up to put an offer in on the land for his family’s business.

While Erica fights to protect her farm and resist her growing attraction to Aaron, she is presented with opportunities that have her rethinking her commitment to the family plan. With Christmas in the air, will Erica change course and search for a different dream, and will Aaron realize that some things are not for sale?

“People keep asking me if it is a Christmas movie or a fall movie, and I reassure them that it’s very much a Christmas movie. It was amazing to work with Peyton List, she is incredible. Peyton has this sultry thing about her, and she is a very talented actress and she made this movie her own, and that’s all you can ask for in these movies. Her intro to Hallmark was with me and I was very fortunate to be her first leading man in these movies. We are probably going to see her again down the road in these movies,” he hinted.

“A Maple Valley Christmas” is from Maple Valley Pictures Inc. Paul Ziller directed the movie from a script by Joie Botkin, based on the book by Jerry Todt.

This December, Walker shared that he is looking forward to being a part of ChristmasCon in New Jersey. “To cap the year with that convention is the absolute best way for me to finish my year. It is great to see all of the fans and hear what these movies mean to them and see all of their happy faces. This is what we do, it’s for the people, and to be face-to-face with them as well is just awesome,” he said.

To learn more about Canadian actor Andrew Walker, follow him on Instagram.

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