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Andrew Tierney of Human Nature talks Finding Faith, new video (Includes interview)

Aside from Tierney, Finding Faith is comprised of Tim Dunfield. They just released a music video for their song “There is Love.”

“We were writing and recording the album this time last year, and the shooting happened in October in Las Vegas. The whole city was stunned and as individuals, we were shocked by that,” Tierney said. “The natural reaction was hurt and heartache for the families and the victims. The nature outpouring of love in this city was quite overwhelming during this time, and that was incredible. It inspired the song to come to life.”

He shared that Human Nature will tour Australia in 2019 as part of their “Little More Love: 30-Year Celebration Tour.” “It is surreal that we have been a quartet for so long. We still love it and we still have a great time. There are always new things to challenge us,” he said.

In addition to being a musician in Finding Faith and Human Nature, Tierney is a father as well. “Human Nature is still a huge part of my life, and it’s everything. I am a dad, and my little girl is just about to turn two years old. I am in a good place. I have a very blessed life,” he said.

Tierney defined the word success as “Being happy doing what you are doing, and having a happy family.” “I am always working on being a more successful human and loving other people unconditionally,” he said.

Digital transformation of music business

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On the impact of technology on the music business, Tierney said, “It is kind of overwhelming a little bit. We have been through several incarnations of the music industry. When we first started in the early ’90s, there were singles, vinyl, and albums. Our first single was available on cassette. Then, everybody got CDs, and now it is all about the digital downloads and the streaming. We are all trying to catch up on the way that people consume music these days. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.”

“I use technology as a songwriter for inspirations. It is very easy to access songs and other lyrics that might inspire you,” Tierney said. “Also, I use technology in demoing and recording. I often do things in my Voice Memos, and I sometimes record vocals over my phone. Technology is wonderful like that, especially since it is so accessible.”

Their eponymous album is available on iTunes.

Finding Faith
Finding Faith
Finding Faith official cover art
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To learn more about the musical duo Finding Faith, check out their official website.

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