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Alicia Minshew talks ‘Tainted Dreams,’ ‘Quarantine,’ digital age (Includes interview)

On being an actress in the digital age, “When I first did Tainted Dreams, it was a new thing to me. I thought that it was really cool to shoot all of these fun episodes and actually get to act with some of my friends again. The bonus was that the entire series would be streamed anytime people wanted on Amazon. I was glad to be a part of it especially since everything is streaming these days. The digital age is really great for actors since there are more work and opportunities, and more shows to be on. You can also create your own content and put it out there. The digital age opens up a whole new horizon for us.”

When asked how she handled being dialogue-heavy in her All My Children days, she said, “I was nervous at first since in my first week on the show, they gave me five scripts to shoot in two days. It’s funny, you think you can’t do it, but your brain is actually capable of memorizing things better than you think. The more people use their memory muscle, the better they got at memorizing. I was very disciplined: I would go home and study my lines and I would go to sleep early. I loved playing Kendall, she was such a fun character to play. I loved going home, reading my scripts, and finding out what crazy mayhem my character would cause next.”

“When you have the good writing on a show, that’s when you can really shine and that’s when you can remember it since it just flows so beautifully. Good writing is a blessing,” she said.

‘Tainted Dreams’

She described the digital series Tainted Dreams on Amazon Prime as a “great deal of fun.” “There were so many people that I’ve worked with before on All My Children and people that I grew up watching that I was honored to finally work with. It was really cool to be a part of a group that had so many people from the daytime world. It turned into one big, crazy family. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again,” she said.

Minshew had nothing but the greatest remarks about Tainted Dreams co-star Jessie Godderz (Mr. Pec-Tacular). “Jessie is one of the kindest and sweetest gentlemen on the planet. He was so respectful of all of us, he came prepared, he knew his lines and he was a class act. He’s a really good, natural actor. He is such a professional and he wanted to do a good job,” he said.

Jessie Godderz in  Tainted Dreams

Jessie Godderz in ‘Tainted Dreams’
Photo Courtesy of ‘Tainted Dreams’

Tainted Dreams is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video by clicking here. In addition, fans and viewers can watch two back-to-back episodes of Tainted Dreams on The YTA Network every Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. PST during Popstar! Weekends on YTA. They can catch up anytime on Popstar! TV by clicking here.

She revealed that the new, upcoming season of Tainted Dreams will have some new, recognizable faces, which she can’t give away just yet. “The audience will be very happy about these new faces,” she said. “I look forward to seeing what will happen to these characters when we start filming again.”

‘Beacon Hill’

Minshew enjoyed being a part of the first season of the digital series Beacon Hill. “The first season was so much fun. Working with Sarah Joy Brown was such an amazing experience, she is one of my favorite people from daytime. I always loved her work, Sarah really stands out. I had never played a gay character before so it was neat for me to step into somebody else’s shoes and represent LGBTQ rights. Hopefully, I can come back as somebody else in the third season of the show,” she said.

“Crystal Chappell played my mother and she plays this role so well. Everything Crystal touches turns to gold,” she said.

‘Quarantine’ series

Most recently, she is a part of the digital series Quarantine. “My friend, Jerry, the creator of the show made me realize that you can actually do a show on Zoom with people connecting with each other,” she said. “The proceeds from this series go to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. As soon as I heard that, I wanted to do something for charity with this talented cast while I am in quarantine. Anything that is done for charity for a good reason is worth it. I will be filming my last scene of the first season of ‘Quarantine’ today,” she revealed.

Minshew defined the word success as “happiness in what you are doing in your life.” “If you are happy doing what you love, then you are successful,” she explained.

For her fans, she said, “Thank you for always supporting me. Daytime fans are truly the best, and I feel blessed to still have your support after all of these years. They are really special and I am truly grateful.”

To learn more about Emmy-nominated actress Alicia Minshew, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

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