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Alicia Minshew talks about ‘Love in Storytown’ film

Actress Alicia Minshew spoke about the new independent film “Love in Storytown.”

Alicia Minshew
Alicia Minshew. Photo Credit: Leslie Hassler
Alicia Minshew. Photo Credit: Leslie Hassler

Actress Alicia Minshew (“All My Children”) spoke about the new independent film “Love in Storytown.”

“I had a cameo in this film,” she said. “I had first heard about the director Candice T. Cain a few years ago from Jessie Godderz (who I worked with on “Tainted Dreams”). I remember how he loved working with her and I knew she lived locally here on the East Coast in Long Island. So I knew of her and was told she knew of me. We had a great phone chat and hit it off! I knew I would have fun working on her film and was thrilled to join the cast.”

“It was a fun little part, and I enjoyed it. I liked working with Beverley Mitchell of ‘7th Heaven.’ I also adored working with Eliza Roberts. She was such a class act. They were all just fantastic,” she added.

“The cast in general had such great people,” she said. “During these hard times with the strike, I am supportive of my fellow SAG-AFTRA members, but I also wanted to support projects that are truly independent. The role was fun, my character Bonnie is a traveling storyteller, who is kind of a Bohemian character, who is very much like me. She is a fun little character, and I had a few fun scenes.”

‘All My Children’ virtual event

This past May, she enjoyed being a part of the Coastal Entertainment virtual “All My Children” fan reunion, alongside such alums as Jacob Young, Jordi Vilasuso, and Melissa Claire Egan.

“I had so much fun with Jordi, Jacob and Melissa. We laughed so many times. The four of us genuinely love each other and we all miss each other,” Minshew said.

“For me, it was reconnecting with family when I did that Zoom. When I got off of it, I wanted to cry because I realized how much I had missed them,” she added.

The impact of AI on the entertainment business

On the impact of AI on the entertainment business, Minshew responded, “I have very mixed feelings about it. It’s a scary feeling knowing that AI can take a job from me and any of my colleagues.”

“On the flip side, I’ve seen AI used in different ways, and it is wonderful. Being an actor, it kind of scares me, but I know that people use it for post-production for different purposes when they are editing films so it’s helpful to them. It can be fascinating and scary at the same time,” she elaborated.

“Overall, I have mixed feelings about it. We need to adapt and evolve with it,” she added.

‘Eltingville’ pilot

She shared that the pilot she did for “Eltingville” did really well. She was humbled that it won some awards in the independent film festival circuit.

“Now we are turning ‘Eltingville’ into a full-length feature film,” she foreshadowed. “That has been a fun process. My producing partner Eddie Cordiano finished writing it,” she said.

“We have, however, finished writing our horror movie together along with fellow writer Chris Roberti. We are trying to get these passion projects made and since we are fully independent, we are able to do that during this strike,” she said.

“It is exciting to create your own work during these times, and to give other people jobs, that way, we can give our cast and crew creative work. I am trying to get my own stories and my friends’ stories out there,” she added.

Favorite mottos to live by

On her favorite mottos to live by, Minshew shared, “Cherish every moment, live in the moment because this is all we have right now. I am trying to cherish every moment that I have with the people that I love, and I’m trying to live in the moment.”


Regarding her definition of the word success, she said, “Making a living doing what I love to do, and I am being able to share that with my family. Basically, being able to make a living from this industry and do it joyfully, and enjoying what I am doing.”

To learn more about Emmy-nominated actress Alicia Minshew, follow her on Instagram.

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