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Alex Miller talks about his new country EP ‘My Daddy’s Dad’

Country singer-songwriter Alex Miller chatted about his new EP “My Daddy’s Dad.”

Country singer-songwriter Alex Miller
Country singer-songwriter Alex Miller. Photo Courtesy of Straight South Imagery.
Country singer-songwriter Alex Miller. Photo Courtesy of Straight South Imagery.

Country singer-songwriter Alex Miller chatted about his new EP “My Daddy’s Dad.”

Song selection for the new EP

Regarding the song selection for his new EP, he said, “It wasn’t necessarily challenging but did have some twists and turns. Obviously ‘My Daddy’s Dad’ was gonna make the record, and the whole project came about because of this song.”

“After my grandad passed away I wanted to do this song in my live show as a way of taking my grandad with me everywhere I played,” he said.

Miller continued, “People absolutely loved the song to the point that I was getting standing ovations with it almost every night. When you get that kind of reaction out of a song you release it.”

He noted that “Oh Odessa” was the only song that nearly didn’t make the record. “Jerry had played it for me way back when I first met him and I told him then I wanted to cut it,” he admitted.

“Marty Raybon of Shenandoah had this song on hold for them to cut, but they never did. I asked Jerry about it before we went in to record it and I grabbed it up when he said it was available,” he added.

Favorite song on the EP

Miller listed “My Daddy’s Dad” as his personal favorite song on the EP. “It’s just so personal to me, and reminds me of my grandad every time I sing it,” he said.

“My next favorite though is ‘Ain’t Ever Saying Never.’ I think this song would be perfect for weddings and things. And when I find me a ‘Mrs. Miller’ you better bet that we’ll be two stepping to this song,” he explained.

Theme of the EP

On the theme of the EP, he shared, “It revolves mostly around my grandad, GB Miller. I wanted to record songs that made me think of him in different ways. For instance, ‘She Makes Dirt Look Good reminds’ me of the times that him and grandma spent out on the farm.”

“He always used to say that dirt just showed off her completion better, and this songs makes me think of things like that,” he recalled.

Future plans

On his future plans, Miller remarked, “My plan is always and forever will be to play more shows and record more music. I hate sitting still and always like to create something new.”

“I’m working on a new project right now actually,” he admitted. “I haven’t done many duets yet in my career and want to elaborate on my abilities to do so.”

“The next project will have two duets one with a country legend and one with one of my favorite modern country singers.  Also, I will be making the move to Nashville this summer,” he added.

The digital age

Miller opened up about being a country musician in the digital age. “I love the so called modern age of music,” he said.

“I see it more as the cycle is coming back around,” he admitted. “50 years ago, it was all about the single and how to push single records, albums were an afterthought. The same principle applies today.”

“Social Media has been the single most important part of my career, I used my success on ‘American Idol’ to grow my following online,” he said.

“Without it, I would be in the long line of people wanting a record deal. Social media has allowed me to grow at my own pace and set my own goals and boundaries,” he acknowledged.


On his definition of the word success, Miller said, “Success is when you sit back and play golf all day long.”

“I’m just at the beginning of my career and I would call it luck more than anything else at this point. Fortunate, and grateful are the two words I am, success will have to wait,” he said. 

Closing thoughts on the EP

For his fans and listeners, Miller said, “This record really is my best work to this point. It’s for the country music fans like my granddad who truly loved great music. If my papaw was here I know this EP would be blaring through his tractor speakers, and I just hope it finds its way to yours.”

“The one thing I want listeners to get out of this record is how much I love and miss my grandad. If these songs remind me of my grandad then maybe it will remind someone else of their grandad too,” Miller concluded.

“My Daddy’s Day” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about country singer-songwriter Alex Miller, follow him on Instagram.

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