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Your new ultimate solution for high ROIs, open rates, and CTRs

Belkins has launched a new service line – an email sequence writing, that can help you reach a stunning ROI of $10 for every $1 spent.

Belkins - Wordstir
Image courtesy Belkins
Image courtesy Belkins

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Belkins — the top-rated agency in lead generation and appointment setting according to Clutch — has launched an email sequence writing service named Wordstir. It accumulates all the expertise and skills of the Belkins content team and brings it right into your inbox. Every content writer is a proven expert in the field with up to 10 years of experience in 50 different industries in total. This team is a unique blend of experienced content writers and Belkins appointment-setting experts. 

Wordstir service can help you reach a stunning ROI of $10 for every $1 spent.

How Wordstir elevates your business performance

Wordstir handles four primary challenges facing businesses in email outreach:

  • Low open rates — With Wordstir, you can increase your open rates to 70%.
  • Low reply rates — Wordstir team can boost your reply rate by up to 20% because they know how to craft winning CTAs that inspire action. 
  • Not knowing where to start — Many businesses find email outreach frustrating and overwhelming just because they have no idea where to start and find the right words for their prospects. Working with businesses from 50+ industries worldwide, Wordstir experts know exactly what your prospects are hoping to see.
  • Unpredictable outreach — The Wordstir team tailors personalized email sequences to help you find a strategic approach to email outreach and receive predictable and consistent revenue.

The story behind Wordstir

Belkins started its journey in 2017 and made it to the top of 1,000 global companies. Throughout 5 years in the market, the team has gathered over 250 talented experts and gained 1,000 loyal customers worldwide. They help companies take their email outreach to the next level.  

Apart from delivering its core services, Belkins develops a range of products (e.g., Folderly, Leadsforce) that add more value to email outreach and lead generation. The core goal of the agency is to develop a solid ecosystem that brings together smart products and effective services that help companies solve complex challenges associated with business growth. 

In order to generate new leads for its customers, the Belkins team has written over 2,5M emails across 50+ industries worldwide. 

“Wordstir is a unique email writing agency that branched out of Belkins. Our team crafts killer email sequences for all verticals, campaign types, and any specific business objectives you may have,” – says Bogdan Kirov, Product Owner at Wordstir.

In 2022, email is still one of the primary channels for customer acquisition, marketing, and sales. There are 4 billion email users worldwide, and it is projected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. The numbers insist that your potential buyers are right there regardless of your business niche and type. All you need is to reach them with a compelling message. Wordstir team helps clients craft emails that really resonate and hit their sales targets.

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