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Digital disruption is affecting the way businesses seek out new employees, and digital recruitment services are a prime example. Such a process is sorely needed: a recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 60 percent of U.S. employers have job openings that stay unfilled for 12 weeks or longer. The main reason for this is not a lack of suitable candidates in the general population but a problem in connecting the right people with the appropriate companies.

For many years the process of recruitment has remained relatively unaffected by the digital transformation process affecting businesses. The legacy model was for the employer to advertise with the hope of a prospective candidate stumbling across the advert. There are clear signs now of how this is changing.

To hire appropriate employees businesses are taking a more proactive approach and are seeking out candidates. The process of doing so often involves using recruitment firms with digital databases of candidates.

An example of such a service is the nonprofit organization Workforce Opportunity Services, which has a particular focus in connecting people from underserved communities with companies to enable new career opportunities. In many cases these career opportunities are very different from the typical options faced by people in areas of lower socioeconomic status. The organization operates from Columbia University in New York City.

As part of an extension of its services, Workforce Opportunity Services has updated its platform. The platform allows recruiters to review a database of candidates, sorting through the information by search queries like location, skillsets, and education levels. The database is designed to be inclusive, with the ready-to-work professionals contained within it reflecting diverse communities.

The potential employees listed are a mix of short-term candidates for project based work and those seeking permanent tenures. While the range of skill sets is diverse, there is a focus upon skills relating to information technology, business, and finance.

Another example is with major companies putting up surveys on their websites to help screen candidates by having applications complete a questionnaire in order to filter out those with the right skills sets or attitudes for the organization.

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