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With data breaches on the rise, Passwork is a ‘breath of fresh air’ for company password management

Get quick, secure, and convenient access to corporate services your employees need with Passwork.

Image courtesy Passwork
Image courtesy Passwork

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On average, companies spend $480 per employee on time wasted due to password issues. Among those with high password fatigue, or difficulty remembering and managing passwords, the cost jumps to $670 per employee.

It’s clear that passwords can be a source of overall stress for organizations and their security teams. Time spent on password problems means a decrease in productivity that cuts into the bottom line. 

Challenges with password issues are also compounded by the growth in data breaches — more than 4,000 publicly disclosed breaches exposed more than 22 billion records last year. Leveling up even more, these issues are compounded by the increase in off-site or remote employees, especially if they’re working off personal computers or devices. 

Ultimately, if you’re not using a password manager solution as part of your security strategy, you face a number of challenges:

  • Keeping track of which employees have access.
  • Quickly taking over access from a terminated employee.
  • Performing security audits and investigating any incidents.

Through fast and easy implementation, combined with employee training, the best solution for managing your company’s passwords is Passwork.

Image courtesy Passwork

How it works

Passwork allows you to quickly, securely, and conveniently access the corporate services an employee needs in their job. 

For many organizations, it’s important that data is not transmitted to the internet. 

The self-hosted version of Passwork is installed on a company’s server, and can run entirely in a closed loop. 

Passwork also offers the mapping of LDAP groups with roles so company IT teams are not forced to go through the time-consuming process of adding hundreds of users to the system and granting them as-needed access rights. 

Why choose Passwork?

One of the top business benefits of implementing Passwork is overall improved data security, and a significant reduction in material and reputational losses related to corporate password breaches. 

Benefits also include:

  • Automation of security audits
  • The ability to view activity and change history, and quickly change all access of any departing employees
  • A clear separation of access rights

According to CTO and Founder Ilya Garakh, Passwork has been deployed to a wide range of companies around the world. These include a variety of banks, government agencies, universities, startups, game developers, and a dozen other IT-related verticials.

“Over almost a decade in business, we’ve been able to tailor our solution to practically any use case,” he says. “As a result, Passwork can be applicable to any company whose employees are using electronic services as part of their working rhythm.” 

While there are many password managers on the market, another reason to choose Passwork is the fact the organization prioritizes technical support. 

“We’re constantly monitoring factors such as the quality and responsiveness of our specialists,” Garakh says. “We conducted a study where we found that our technical support specialists respond 10 times faster than those of our competitors.”

While most competitors only offer cloud-based solutions, Passwork’s self-hosted version also solves many security and stability issues. The closed-loop system, for example, means employees are not dependent on the stability of someone else’s cloud servers.

Finally, Passwork is easy for employees to pick up — a bonus when it comes to tackling all that password fatigue.

“For someone who has never dealt with a password manager before, the learning curve is very comfortable,” says Garakh. “Our display is intuitive and easy to navigate. For someone who is migrating from an existing system, many of the pain points will immediately be relieved; Passwork will feel like a breath of fresh air.”

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