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Why Unified reviews how dropshipping stores are failing in 2023

Dropshipping stores fail for many reasons, says Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified, known as the most influential eCommerce marketer in digital marketing.

Why Unified
Photo courtesy Why Unified
Photo courtesy Why Unified

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Sometimes, entrepreneurs miscalculate the amount of time and money they need to invest in their stores; in other cases, a simple lack of marketing and business knowledge results in slow traffic and sales.

Robert Nikic why has compiled a list of the most common reasons why dropshippers fail through his own experience of failures and Robert’s seen during his Why Unified reviews of clients stores before signing up – and how the right dropshipping platform and mindset can negate them. 

Reason #1 – They’re Not Recognizable

If you wanted to buy a set of tires for your car, you’d probably go online and search for tire dealerships and companies you already know, says Robert Nikic. The same can be said for any other product or industry. When people want to purchase a new coffee maker, for example, they’ll search for a coffee maker online, then choose an option from a store or brand they’ve done business with in the past. 

There are hundreds of thousands of dropshipping stores competing with one another, and they’re also competing with major retailers. Successful dropshippers build brand personas, then advertise those personas over and over again in social media, Google ads, and even their own websites. In doing so, they slowly become recognizable. Studies have shown that it takes an average of five to seven impressions for people to even remember a brand, and it may take several more before they are persuaded to purchase. That’s why the Why Unified team includes branding and advertising in its platform offering.

Reason #2 – They Don’t Offer Quality Products

Whether it’s a T-shirt or a box of K-cups, there’s a good chance that as a consumer, you will want to buy from brands you already know and love, the CEO of Why Unified quotes. That’s not to say that you won’t take a chance on a new brand now and then, but for the most part, there’s security in buying from the names you know. Even if you aren’t familiar with that specific T-shirt line or K-cup flavor, you have had positive experiences with the brand in the past, and you feel confident that these products are of high quality. 

Consumers in general think in much the same way. When they want to buy K-cups, they are far more likely to buy from well-known brands, even if they are buying from a small online store, Robert found through the constant Why Unified reviews he performs. Why Unified has partnered with dozens of suppliers to provide consumers’ favorite brands. When dropshippers sell these products rather than unknown brands, they generate more traffic and secure more sales in the long run. Remember, the money in dropshipping (and eCommerce) is in repeat purchases, says Robert Nikic.

Reason #3 – Goods Take Too Long to Ship

Thanks to programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus, two-day shipping has become an expectation rather than a luxury says the dropshipping millionaire Robert Nikic. In fact, 65% of American consumers shopped on Amazon at least once a month in 2020, and 172 million Americans purchased something from that retailer. Of those, more than half got their items with two-day (and sometimes even same-day) shipping. 

Dropshippers must be able to compete with the major retailers’ shipping times if they want to be successful, otherwise their reviews, and repeat purchase ratio will be non-existant. Unfortunately, many of the popular dropshipping plugins and programs are far too reliant on suppliers based in China, which means shipping can take weeks or even months. Why Unified recommends choosing a dropshipping partner with US-based suppliers offering competitive two-day shipping, instead. 

Reason #4 – They Have Unrealistic Expectations

Now that your store’s name and logo are out there for the world to see and you’ve secured brand-name products with competitive two-day shipping, it may feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you. Believe it or not, many dropshipping stores will fail in 2023 due to nothing more than unrealistic expectations, states the Why Unified CEO. Search for dropshipping on YouTube or TikTok, and you’ll find hundreds of videos from content creators claiming they made millions in a matter of days. Worse yet, they claim you can make millions overnight, too, if you just purchase their e-book or use their sponsor’s platform. 

While some dropshippers do experience quick success, these results aren’t typical. Many, but not all, Why Unified users, for example, see significant upticks in revenue after using their platform, but no one has become a millionaire overnight. Once the products and shipping times are in place, it’s all up to the dropshipping marketing and advertising. That takes time. 

Reason #5 – They Don’t Treat it like a Business

In some cases, it isn’t the products, the shipping times, or even the unrealistic expectations that hold people back from success, found Robert after a review of thousands of Why Unified dropshippers. Many people treat dropshipping more like a hobby than an actual business, which ultimately leads to their failure. Imagine opening a retail store in your city and failing to hire staff, keep the electricity on, or research the latest trends in your niche. That store won’t last very long, and the same can be said for virtual stores and dropshipping. 

Why Unified gives its clients options based on their unique wants and needs. Clients can choose from an array of stores and niches and combine them with sales channels they want them listed on, all backed by the dropshipping experts at Why Unified in the driver’s seat.

There are many reasons why dropshipping stores will continue to fail in 2023. Lack of advertising, slow shipping times, and poor product quality are all common, but it’s the unrealistic expectations and failure to treat a dropshipping venture like a real business that will ultimately lead to failure. As the first dropshipping platform of its kind, Why Unified offers exceptional solutions to these issues and more say hundreds of Why Unified reviews found online.

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