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What sets marketing powerhouse ‘Ignite Your Brand’ apart from other agencies

There are two facets of a business: innovation and marketing.

Justin Brenner
Photo courtesy Justin Brenner
Photo courtesy Justin Brenner

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“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov 

There are two facets of a business: innovation and marketing. While innovation has a lot to do with the idea or concept behind the business, marketing shares the idea with potential customers to grow the business. With the increasing number of social media users from across the globe, the platform has become the most appropriate medium for businesses to showcase their brands and reach their target customers. This rising popularity of social media marketing has made the space extremely saturated, where it is difficult for new businesses or brands to find solid ground. This is where digital marketing professionals can help brands monetize their social media presence and boost business growth through effective branding and promotion. 

Ignite Your Brand is one such digital marketing agency working relentlessly to promote business on digital media for a few years now. The company has so far partnered with several small as well as 10+ figure brands. Ignite Your Brand was founded by Justin Brenner with the sole purpose of providing result-oriented marketing services to brands that are measurable by ROI. Justin Brenner, a former surgical technician in the military, started his journey into digital marketing a decade ago as an affiliate marketer. This helped him learn the value of performance, time, and attention to detail. All these factors combine to enhance professional development. 

Since its inception, Ignite Your Brand has been delivering performance-based results. This is because the company follows a policy to accelerate growth, unlike other agencies in the space that are filled with false promises. Ignite Your Brand has an active team of professionals who work independently to excel in their field of expertise. The team personally interacts with every brand to understand its message and then works to amplify it on various digital platforms. Instead of putting in their vision to build a brand, Ignite Your Brand trusts their partners’ concepts to help them grow. This is why the agency always considers the brands they work with as business partners and not clients. The company believes that the growth of its business partners will eventually have a positive impact on its growth. 

For Ignite Your Brand, work equals results, not just profit. Over the years, Brenner has worked with different brands to understand that one marketing strategy will never fit everyone. While some businesses want to grow their follower base on social media, for others, it can be a wider reach: higher lead generation, earning positive feedback, etc. This is where he and his team strive to offer personalized brand-building services to every business the company partners with. This offers quick results that add long-term value to the business. 

Brenner is currently also managing one of the biggest Facebook communities that include 13 either paid or unpaid sub-groups. Each group is completely dedicated to promotion and advertising, offering explosive reach on the platform. Besides this, the company also has agency certification from digital media giants like Google, Facebook, Shopify, Bing, WordPress, Klaviyo, and many more. Ignite Your Brand has also got individual certifications from Google Ads App, Google Shopping Ads, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Measurement, and Google Analytics, to name a few. 

Going forward, Ignite Your Brand is focused on expanding its creative division to help more brands grow their social media presence. With this, the agency aims to become a staple in the digital marketing space in the coming years.

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