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Values and business aspects of beauty brand L’ANZA

The world of beauty is ever-evolving. In today’s time when beauty products are all the rage, it is common for people to get overwhelmed when choosing what is right for them.

Photo courtesy L’ANZA
Photo courtesy L’ANZA

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The world of beauty is ever-evolving. In today’s time when beauty products are all the rage, it is common for people to get overwhelmed when choosing what is right for them. The heavily marketed, big brands may fool you into thinking that expensive formulated products are the only salvation for your skin and hair, when oftentimes the opposite is true. If you want naturally radiant and healthy skin and hair, then you need to turn to a company with values that mirror your own: healthy, organic, sustainable.

Beauty is about responsibility and authenticity. It should not be achieved at the expense of damaging nature or relying on artificial synthetic chemicals. That’s the difference with L’ANZA.

Who is L’ANZA?

L’ANZA is a privately owned and independently operated beauty company. They stand apart without outsourcing anything, which is quite rare in the beauty industry as many brands are bought out by a few big brands.

Why L’ANZA Stands Out

L’ANZA supports a clean and green ideology of ensuring that all our products are made from sustainably extracted ingredients. They are cruelty-free with zero animal tests and do not exploit natural resources. Moreover, all their processes are eco-friendly and are optimized to minimize carbon footprint.

Our Commitment 

L’ANZA’s products and green policies are an effort to promote and enable a sustainable beauty industry, now and in the future. They are not just a beauty brand; they are a symbol of responsible and cruelty-free production that cares about animals and the environment as much as the client.

  • Cruelty-free→ L’ANZA believes that beautification is a gift that should not be achieved at the expense of humanity. They produce all our products organically with no animal testing.
  • Organic→ All ingredients are self-cultivated and harvested from sustainable products without harming wildlife. They cultivate only the finest ingredients with the least amount of damage to nature.
  • Localized→ Originating from Southern California, L’ANZA’s products are all developed within the USA. Harvesting zones are also located within the USA.

Ingredients Matter

Expensive chemicals are not what your skin and hair desire. The composition and source of each compound are what truly matter. Using the right ingredients in the right amount and combination to create a synergistic healing and rejuvenating effect is our specialty. 

L’ANZA ingredients are sorted into a group of complexes that are a combination of nature’s best gifts. 

  • Keratin Cactus Complex→ Cactus extract is one of the strongest natural thermal protectors. It protects the hair against extreme environments and provides long-lasting style support.  
  • Moisture Retain Complex→ It is a combination of nature’s strongest hydrators capable of bringing back life to your dull, dry hair. 
  • Phyto IV Complex→ A unique blend of five bio-oils delivers a natural shine on the outside while strengthening the hair roots and thickness from the inside. This blend will hydrate dry hair without clogging the hair follicles. 
  • Flower Shield Complex→ Extracted from 7 specific flowers known to retain their color makes it perfect for treated and colored hair. The natural phytocompounds of the flowers protect all shades of hair color.


The next time you need some hair care products, we invite you to do a little research behind the brand and their ingredients. Look for brands that mirror your values. L’ANZA cares, and we want you to shop with confidence. 

“In short, nature is the only true healer for your hair and skin.”

We wish L’ANZA the best of luck on all their future endeavors, in beauty and beyond!

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