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U.S. jobs market: Unexpected patterns for tech jobs hiring

If you want a job in Information Technology and you reside in the U.S. where should you head? New data from Mendix (supplied to Digital Journal) reveals the new hot spots for technology related employment and the biggest surprise is that the top hotspot is not Silicon Valley. Such data is important for those working in the technology field or wish to make a parallel move into the tech sector, especially with the U.S. unemployment rate reaching double digits (at 10.2 percent). According to The Guardian, one million people filed for unemployment benefits at the end of August i as the coronavirus pandemic continued to take a historic toll upon the American job market.

Driven by most people working from home, there has been an uplift in technology related employment.

The new list of tech hot spots reveals:

1. Cumberland County, NJ
2. Minnehaha County, SD
3. Pontotoc County, MS
4. Ouachita County, AR
5. Rock Island County, IL
6. Iroquois County, IL
7. Ector County, TX
8. Morgan County, UT
9. Roanoke County, VI
10. Stearns County, MN

This listing of technology recruitment drives and vacancies comes from an analysis of over three million U.S. households together with a detailed geo-analysis of over 2,000 recent job adverts for U.S. software developers.

The new research also discovered that despite recent news of flexible work-from-home policies, 92 percent of job ads require a specific location, indicating that technology forms still prefer their employees to be hitched to a specific base. The overall data pattern reveals that despite the strange times, the tech-based industry is thriving in areas well beyond Silicon Valley. In particular demand are software developers, where there are job opportunities in a wide range of geographies.

In related news, a group called Silcom Valley Recovery have put together a strategic plan to help revitalize the area following the rise of coronavirus.

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