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Tweet this: The most liked and disliked entrepreneurs on social media revealed

Each entrepreneur’s social media following on Instagram and Twitter was then analysed to reveal the most followed.

Elon Musk's long-promised move to strip free blue ticks from many Twitter users has swung into action
Image: — © AFP Sergei SUPINSKY
Image: — © AFP Sergei SUPINSKY

Modern day entrepreneurs have utilised various social media platforms to help to expand their empires. Sometimes this is in terms of being seen to do good or positive things; at other time more infamous practices are highlighted.

As the emergence of entrepreneurs continues to grow in the influencer sphere, the website Business Name Generator has researched follow count and social sentiment towards 20 business personalities online to reveal which entrepreneurs are among the most influential in 2023. The output has been provided to Digital Journal.

To gather the data, the company created a list of 60 of the world’s most popular entrepreneurs from blogs and articles. Each entrepreneur’s social media following on Instagram and Twitter was then analysed to reveal the most followed.

The outcome is:

The top 10 most influential entrepreneurs online in 2023

RankNameNumber of social followers% of positive tweets% of negative tweetsTotal influential index score
1Sheryl Sandberg1,261,90074%4%6.94
2Gary Vaynerchuk13,100,00075%10%6.75
3Russell Brunson1,277,70062%11%5.74
4Elon Musk135,100,00025%23%5.68
5Brendon Burchard1,196,10065%15%5.52
6Brené Brown5,672,00056%19%4.85
7Simon Sinek3,287,30055%18%4.84
8Daymond John1,997,40051%16%4.75
9Steven Bartlett2,645,00052%17%4.71
10Ratan Tata20,900,00021%8%4.12

The outcome shows that Sheryl Sandbergis the most influential entrepreneur in 2023 based on a combined 1.2 million following and 74 percent positive social sentiment. Following this, Gary Vaynerchuk is the most loved entrepreneur according to sentiment analysis, with 75 percent of Tweets about the marketing mogul being positive.

The top five most loved entrepreneurs on Twitter

When considering positive social sentiment exclusively, Gary Vaynerchuk and Sherly Sandberg occupy the first and second positions, respectively.

RankName% of positive tweets
1Gary Vaynerchuk75%
2Sheryl Sandberg74%
3Brendon Burchard65%
4Russell Brunson62%
5Brené Brown56%

Not so much loved, but Elon Muskis the most followed entrepreneur on social media, with a combined following ofover 135 million. At the extreme end of the unlovedLord Alan Sugar receives the highest number of negative tweets.

The five most trolled entrepreneurs on Twitter

RankName% of negative tweets
1Lord Alan Sugar41%
2Sir Richard Branson34%
3Bill Gates32%
4Oprah Winfrey31%
5Tony Robbins29%

The founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, has earned the second spot in the list of entrepreneurs with the highest percentage of tweets carrying negative sentiment, at 34 percent. Despite being a British business magnate who has expanded into various sectors, ranging from music to travel and beyond, Branson has received criticism online for some of his ventures, including his recent foray into space and here some people have called him out for the environmental impact of his space projects.

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