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Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal: The best cities for AI salaries

The average salary for AI jobs in Seattle is now $217,017.

Image: © Digital Journal
Image: © Digital Journal

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and every bit as important as previous revolutionary technologies including the computer and the Internet, according to Bill Gates. AI and machine learning jobs have jumped by almost 75 percent over the past four years and are poised to keep growing.

What does the machine-learning career landscape look like currently?

To find out, Business Name Generator researched 50 cities around the world to discover which are leading the way in AI by analyzing metrics including AI venture capital investment, the number of AI initiatives and events, as well as career and education opportunities. The key findings have been passed onto Digital Journal for review.

The average salary for AI roles in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal tops $117,000 CAD per year

RankCityNumber of AI job opportunitiesAverage yearly salary for AI roles (CAD)
2San Francisco823$199,392
5Austin, Texas415$186,357
7New York1,512$183,294
9Los Angeles424$180,524
11Washington, DC1,881$151,483
15Tel Aviv174$100,441

The data trend shows that annual salaries for AI roles top $117,000 CAD in Toronto. This is a difference of 47.6 percent when compared to the average median salary in Canada.

Overall, the city that pays the most for careers in artificial intelligence is Seattle with an average yearly salary of $217,017 (or $18,085 per month). Whereas Washington D.C. tops the list for AI career opportunities with 1,881 jobs available.

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