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Top business professionals you should know about in 2024

Take a look at some of the top business professionals who have significantly impacted their industries through innovation, leadership, and strategic vision

Photo by Getty images | Canva
Photo by Getty images | Canva

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Take a look at some of the top business professionals who have significantly impacted their industries through innovation, leadership, and strategic vision. Recognized for their contributions to business and technology, these individuals exemplify excellence in navigating today’s competitive landscape, setting benchmarks for success and future trends.

Lawrence C. Ng

Photo courtesy of Lawrence C. Ng

Lawrence C. Ng stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence and philanthropic dedication in the business world. As the driving force behind LNG Management, Ng leverages his profound insight to explore and invest in a broad spectrum of global opportunities, including technology, venture capital, commercial real estate, and both private and public markets. His entrepreneurial spirit blossomed early with the co-founding of at the tender age of 21. Under his visionary leadership as CEO, Ng steered the company from a fledgling internet startup to a powerhouse in internet services, boasting over $200 million in revenue and a workforce of 200, culminating in a significant investment by Oak Hill Capital.

Ng’s business acumen has been recognized with numerous accolades, such as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 award. He has also positioned among the elite in the industry, earning spots on the Inc. 500 list and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, along with recognition from the SoCal Technology Council and the Los Angeles Business Journal.Beyond his corporate endeavors, Ng’s commitment to social betterment is evident through the Lawrence C. Ng Family Foundation. This foundation focuses on providing underprivileged youth with educational, mentorship, and career guidance opportunities, demonstrating Ng’s belief in giving back to the community. He supports various initiatives, including the Joshua House Health Center, a testament to his dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

A graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, Ng also lends his expertise as a senior advisor and board member to several organizations, further solidifying his role as a mentor and leader in both the business and philanthropic spheres. Today, Lawrence Ng is working on his latest ventures: ContactLoop & Side Hustles. His multifaceted career, marked by significant achievements and a commitment to positive social impact, makes Lawrence C. Ng a distinguished figure in today’s business landscape and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and philanthropists alike.

Daniel Ferri

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ferri

Daniel Ferri emerges as a beacon of innovation and commitment among top business professionals in 2024. With a vibrant career spanning several industries, Daniel has become synonymous with transformative leadership and strategic foresight in IT, Project Management, and Solution Design & Implementation. His journey, marked by significant achievements in Australia and the UK, illustrates a dedication to excellence, working with entities ranging from small family-owned businesses to large NGOs and multinational corporations.

Daniel’s philosophy underscores the essence of human-centric project management. He believes that the success of any project, IT or otherwise, hinges on effective change management and early engagement with all stakeholders. This approach is rooted in empathy and planning, reflecting his insight that “even with the huge advances we’ve seen in AI recently, people remain the primary focus of all business activities.” With a profound passion for managing large-scale projects and integrating technology into business frameworks, Daniel’s career is a testament to his ability to navigate and lead complex transformations. His work in Sales, Logistics, Manufacturing, Advertising/Marketing, and Information Technology showcases a versatile skill set, uniquely positioning him to drive efficiency and innovation across diverse business landscapes.

Daniel’s journey from Brisbane, where he was born and educated, through various roles in event production, advertising, construction, mining, logistics, sales, and ultimately IT, epitomizes a relentless pursuit of growth and learning. Leading IT for a fast-expanding engineering group, he mastered the secrets to successful IT projects, eventually taking his expertise to London to architect a new ticketing system for the Wimbledon Championships. Upon returning to Australia, Daniel founded Accord Consultancy, offering his wealth of experience to clients nationwide. His work in organizational restructuring and integration through acquisition speaks volumes of his ability to enhance business efficiencies and productivity.

Daniel Ferri’s story is not just about professional achievements; it’s a narrative of vision, resilience, and the unyielding belief in the power of people to drive change. As I celebrate the top business professionals in 2024, Daniel’s contributions stand out as a guiding light for aspiring leaders and innovators in the business and technology sectors.

Staci LaToison

Photo courtesy of Staci LaToison

Staci LaToison, an award-winning investor, podcast host, global speaker, board director, consultant and bestselling author has carved a niche for herself and others who dare to dream big. With over two decades of experience at Chevron and awards such as the Houston Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business in Energy, Staci has demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing global teams and overseeing billion-dollar budgets across international markets, including China and Angola. 

Staci’s journey from a young, single mother to a trailblazing Latina entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational. Her accolades include the Chase Latina Executive Achievement Award, Mendoza Ventures Funder of the Year, L’Attitude Ventures Game Changers Award, and Angeles Investors Member of the Year. Beyond her individual successes, Staci’s commitment to strategic leadership and fiduciary duty is evident through her service on the boards of the University of Houston, Discovery Green Conservancy, and Houston Hospice, as well as her membership in the prestigious Women Presidents Organization.

‘Her Money Moves’ is Staci’s latest venture into demystifying the complex world of finance for women, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and students alike. Each episode is a treasure trove of insights, stories, and practical advice aimed at empowering listeners to take control of their financial destinies. With topics ranging from investment strategies, professional and personal development, entrepreneurial insights, board service, to navigating career moves, the podcast is a mentor, guide, and community for those ready to make their money move. Available in both video and audio formats across major platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, the podcast bridges the gap between aspiration and achievement. 

Dream Big Ventures, propelled by the exceptional “Dream Team,” offers consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements tailored to inspire and support women in business. The team’s approach is holistic, blending Staci’s corporate experience with her entrepreneurial spirit to deliver actionable strategies for success. Dream Big Ventures is purposeful in fostering growth, innovation, and resilience. With a firm commitment to elevate women-owned businesses, Dream Big Ventures exemplifies a model of excellence, holding prestigious certifications such as WBENC, WOSB, and NMSDC.

Staci’s commitment extends to shaping an equitable landscape where the next generation of women can thrive  and unlock possibilities they never imagined. Embodying the ethos “If you see her, you can be her,” Staci’s work is a testament to the power of visibility and representation in inspiring real-world impact and change. “My vision is for a world where every girl like my daughter Sofia can dream bigger and achieve greater.” Ready to make your money move, break barriers, and create pathways to success? 

Subscribe to the ‘Her Money Moves’ podcast on your favorite platform and visit Dream Big Ventures to learn more about consulting services, workshops, and speaking engagements with Staci LaToison. 

Peter Ristevski

Photo courtesy of Peter Ristevski

In the dynamic landscape of Australian business, Peter Ristevski stands out as a luminary, guiding one of the nation’s fastest-growing accounting firms, Investment Plus Accounting Group, towards unprecedented success. With an illustrious career that spans over 25 years, Peter’s expertise in accounting, tax, and property sectors has not only shaped his professional journey but has also left a significant impact on the industry.

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University Of Western Sydney and a certification from CPA Australia, Peter’s leadership as CEO has propelled Investment Plus Accounting Group into a beacon of growth and innovation. His creation of the Turnaround Solutions arm within the company underscores his commitment to providing comprehensive support to businesses navigating the challenges of voluntary/involuntary administration and liquidation services. This initiative reflects Peter’s deep-seated belief in the power of tailored, strategic solutions to foster financial resilience and success.

Peter’s insights into property investing have garnered widespread recognition, making him a go-to expert for prestigious outlets like the Australian Financial Review and Channel Nine News. His ability to demystify complex investment landscapes and offer actionable advice has cemented his status as an influential voice in the sector.

Beyond his professional achievements, Peter’s dedication to fostering international connections and community service is evident in his role as the founder and National Chairman of the Australia-Macedonia Chamber of Commerce since 2006. This initiative highlights his commitment to strengthening business ties and promoting cultural exchange between Australia and Macedonia. His election to Liverpool Council in September 2012 and subsequent role as Deputy Mayor for Liverpool showcase his passion for civic engagement and local governance. Moreover, as the International Chairman of the Macedonia Rugby League Federation, Peter demonstrates a unique blend of leadership that transcends industries and borders.

Peter Ristevski’s career is a testament to the impact of visionary leadership, deep industry knowledge, and a commitment to community service. As I spotlight the top business professionals in 2024, Peter’s multifaceted contributions stand as a beacon of excellence and inspiration for aspiring leaders across the globe.

Julian Fadini

Photo courtesy of Julian Fadini

In the forefront of Australia’s real estate investment scene stands Julian Fadini, the visionary founder of PRPTY 360. Renowned for his acumen in pinpointing high-yield opportunities, Julian has transformed the landscape for investors seeking to maximize their returns. His journey from an investment banking background to the pinnacle of real estate consultancy illustrates a passion-driven pivot towards an asset class he truly believes in.

PRPTY 360, under Julian’s leadership, has emerged as a pivotal platform for investors, financial planners, accountants, brokers, and other professionals, especially those managing Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). Julian’s expertise in identifying and capitalizing on lucrative real estate opportunities has made his advice indispensable for clients aiming to enhance their portfolio’s performance.

A key to PRPTY 360’s exponential growth has been Julian’s strategic partnership with agents of professional athletes. Recognizing the unique financial and tax planning needs of these young, high-earning individuals, Julian crafted a novel approach. Instead of funneling their wealth into lavish, depreciating assets, he advocates for investment in real estate. This strategy not only diversifies their income sources but also offers numerous benefits, such as tax depreciation, thereby securing their financial future while still in their prime earning years.

Julian’s approach is tailored to the needs of these athletes, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional luxury spending. By aligning their investment strategies with real estate assets that promise solid returns and tax efficiencies, Julian has played a crucial role in reshaping how athletes manage their wealth.

The foundation of PRPTY 360 is deeply rooted in Julian’s belief in real estate over other asset classes. His transition from investment banking to real estate was driven by a desire to engage more directly with tangible assets that offer real value to investors. Julian’s foresight, expertise, and innovative strategies have positioned PRPTY 360 as a leader in the real estate investment advisory space.

As I spotlight the movers and shakers in the business world of 2024, Julian Fadini’s contributions stand out for their impact on investment strategies and wealth management. His ability to leverage strategic partnerships for growth and to offer insightful, value-driven advice has set a new benchmark in the industry. Julian’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and strategic thinking in creating lasting success in the competitive world of real estate investment.

Raymond D. Palmer

Photo courtesy of Raymond D. Palmer

Raymond D. Palmer stands at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, blending an extensive scientific background with entrepreneurial acumen to pioneer advancements in tissue reprogramming and anti-aging. Currently a Ph.D. candidate, Palmer’s work focuses on the groundbreaking manipulation of mRNA to rejuvenate aged tissues, aiming to keep older populations youthful and vibrant. His dedication to transforming the perception of aging from an inevitable process to a treatable condition has led him to the brink of launching the world’s first human trial in tissue age reversal, a testament to his visionary approach to biotechnology.

Palmer’s academic journey, enriched by a diverse array of disciplines including biochemistry, genetic engineering, genetics, and epigenetics, primarily through Harvard University’s online platform, has equipped him with a formidable skill set. This multidisciplinary background underscores his innovative strategies in tackling the complexities of aging at the molecular level.

In addition to his scientific pursuits, Palmer’s passion for astronomy has unexpectedly complemented his biotechnological endeavors, illustrating the synergy between seemingly disparate fields. His intellectual curiosity and drive to explore the unknown have not only advanced his research but also inspired his entrepreneurial ventures.

With over 20 patents in biotechnology ranging from photobiomodulation to telomere-extending skin creams, Palmer’s contributions to the field are both prolific and profound. His publication, The Anti-Aging Toolkit, encapsulates his comprehensive understanding of aging science and his commitment to extending human healthspan.

At the helm of Spartan Therapeutics and TeloSkin, Palmer is not only steering groundbreaking mRNA human trials but also revolutionizing skincare through telomere extension. These companies embody his mission to deliver innovative solutions that promise a future where age does not dictate health or vitality.

Palmer’s journey is a compelling narrative of resilience, innovation, and leadership. Balancing the demands of a Ph.D. program with the challenges of leading two biotech companies, he exemplifies the essence of a dynamic leader prepared to work tirelessly towards his vision. His ability to manage investor expectations, family commitments, and pioneering research, all while residing in Perth, Australia—the most isolated city in the world—further highlights his exceptional dedication.

Despite facing skepticism within his local community, Palmer’s resolve remains unshaken. His experiences underscore a cultural contrast in the reception of innovative ideas, with a more open reception in the United States compared to skepticism in Perth. Yet, it is this very challenge that fuels his determination to redefine the boundaries of science and entrepreneurship.

Ray Palmer’s story is not just about the quest to reverse aging; it’s about breaking barriers, challenging norms, and inspiring a global conversation on the future of human health and longevity. As he continues to push the envelope of what’s possible, his work serves as a beacon for the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs, proving that with passion, perseverance, and a willingness to explore the uncharted, extraordinary breakthroughs are within reach.

Arjav Shah

Photo courtesy of Arjav Shah

Arjav Shah, co-founder and CEO of Aeteck, has carved a notable path in the government IT contracting space, guiding his firm to be a leading provider of comprehensive Management and Information Technology Consulting services. With an extensive array of expertise in IT operations, project management, cybersecurity, and more, Aeteck’s influence under Shah’s stewardship has grown significantly, reflecting his deep understanding of the intricacies involved in securing government contracts.

Shah’s strategic approach emphasizes the critical importance of enhancing company visibility and networking within the highly competitive government IT sector. He champions the value of attending industry events, such as conferences and workshops, as essential platforms for networking with potential clients and gaining insights into new technologies and industry trends. Shah also highlights the importance of follow-up engagements post-events, suggesting personalized communications to strengthen newly formed connections.

In navigating the digital landscape, Shah points to the utility of online directories like the GSA eLibrary or SAM for identifying and bidding on government contracts. He advises on the creation of compelling company profiles in these directories to showcase a company’s expertise and experience, thus increasing its chances of winning contracts.

Partnering with businesses that offer complementary skills is another strategy Shah deems vital for expanding reach and securing larger contracts. He suggests that such collaborations can enhance a company’s service offerings and competitive edge in bidding processes.

Moreover, Shah acknowledges the power of social media in building a company’s digital presence and establishing it as a thought leader in the industry. Regular posting of industry-related content, company news, and engaging with the audience can help in building credibility and attracting potential clients.

Shah’s insights reflect a comprehensive understanding of the government IT contracting process, highlighting the importance of visibility, networking, and strategic partnerships. His leadership at Aeteck showcases a proactive approach to overcoming the challenges of the competitive government contracting marketplace, positioning the company for continued success and growth.

Payton Shah

Photo courtesy of Payton Shah

In the dynamic realm of mergers and acquisitions, Payton Shah stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. Despite facing significant physical adversity over the past year, Payton has exemplified unwavering strength and determination. His journey from overcoming challenges to achieving remarkable success in various sectors underscores his tenacity and versatility as a professional.

As an accomplished M&A intermediary, Payton has played a pivotal role in facilitating strategic alliances and fostering growth within the crypto and blockchain industries. His involvement in establishing and developing crypto firms showcases his foresight and expertise in leveraging emerging technologies for business expansion. Payton’s entrepreneurial spirit is further evidenced by his venture into the world of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Beyond his contributions to the tech industry, Payton’s commitment to philanthropy is remarkable. His initiative to launch a sailing non-profit organization reflects his passion for the sport and his desire to keep the spirit of sailing alive in the United States. This endeavor not only highlights Payton’s love for sailing but also his dedication to giving back to the community and promoting maritime heritage.

In addition to his ventures in technology and philanthropy, Payton has recently embraced a significant role as the COO of his father’s company, transitioning the business from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. This company, renowned for crafting the world’s finest custom model railroads, benefits from Payton’s strategic vision and operational excellence. Shah grew up under his fathers wings, learning the ins and outs of the trade. He hopes that in the future, He can transform the company to new heights of success and innovation in design and craftsmanship.

Payton’s journey is also marked by his efforts in restructuring a wholesale company, demonstrating his acumen in business management and organizational transformation. This endeavor, set to be reformed in Montana, signifies Payton’s strategic approach to leveraging regional advantages for business optimization.

Moreover, Payton’s involvement in facilitating company sales showcases his skill in identifying potential buyers and executing successful transactions, further establishing his reputation as a skilled intermediary in the M&A space.

As Payton Shah continues to navigate the complexities of the corporate world, his story of resilience, innovation, and philanthropy serves as an inspiration. Overcoming adversity and achieving success across diverse industries, Payton’s multifaceted career is a testament to his dynamic leadership and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Julie Svedberg

Photo courtesy of Julie Svedberg

Julie Svedberg has made a significant mark as a mentor, business coach, and advisor, leveraging her extensive experience of over 9 years in mentoring alongside a solid 15-year background in sales and trade shows. Working with a diverse clientele that includes business owners, contractors, roofers, and spirited individuals, Julie has developed a unique approach that integrates business strategy with personal development, spiritual growth, and  This holistic methodology ensures her clients not only achieve business & financial success but also realize their full potential in health, relationships, and spirituality, truly embodying the essence of a fulfilling life mission.

At the heart of Julie’s coaching philosophy is the conviction that designing a business should be an intentional process, focused on creating an enterprise that operates effortlessly and hands off for its owner, rather than the owner tirelessly working in the business as its main driving force for indefinite amounts of time. Through her private and group mentoring programs,, she assists aspiring contractors and hard working professionals in navigating the complexities of the short-term market, ensuring they are well-equipped to achieve success. Julie’s emphasis on strategic planning and bulletproof battle plans is pivotal for entrepreneurs aiming to craft their ideal business model that aligns with their personal values and lifestyle goals.

Growth in business, according to Julie, is intrinsically linked to the ability to generate and sustain sales and cash flow. Her expertise in refining sales teams, enhancing HR management procedures, and implementing standard operating procedures for sales ensures her clients’ businesses are not only financially robust but also primed for expansion. This strategic focus on operational efficiency is designed to free up time for business owners, enabling them to engage more deeply with their passions and excel in areas where they are most skilled.

Julie’s diverse background, from owning a personal training and ayurvedic medicine practice to gaining extensive experience in sales across various industries, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of business success. This varied experience allows her to bring a fresh perspective to the coaching industry, where she stands out by not only educating her clients on strategies but also guiding them through the practical implementation of these strategies. Her approach is characterized by a hands-on, example-led methodology that ensures strategies are not just theoretical concepts but actionable plans that lead to tangible results.

Looking ahead, Julie is excited about the publication of two new books and her participation in upcoming growth-focused events, including a sales challenge event she is hosting. Her commitment to continuous learning and sharing her knowledge is evident in her active involvement in the roofing industry and her plans to expand her team. Julie Svedberg’s innovative approach to business coaching and her dedication to her clients’ holistic success have established her as a top business professional, whose impact extends far beyond traditional coaching paradigms.

Devon Walden

Photo courtesy of Devon Walden

In the real estate market of Indianapolis, Indiana, Devon Walden has carved out a niche as a preeminent expert in short-term rentals and property flipping. With a career marked by rapid success and significant achievements, Walden has quickly become a beacon for aspiring real estate investors across the nation. His journey from a determined teenager facing financial adversity to a leading figure in the real estate industry is a powerful narrative of resilience, strategic acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Devon Walden’s program, Infinite Routes, stands as a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering the next generation of real estate moguls. Through this mentorship initiative, Walden imparts invaluable insights into navigating the short-term real estate market, offering a comprehensive toolkit for success in a competitive landscape. His dedication to education and empowerment underscores a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of informed investment strategies.

Walden’s prowess in accumulating a diverse portfolio of short-term rentals and flipped properties in just a few years is nothing short of remarkable. His ability to identify and capitalize on lucrative opportunities has not only propelled his own career forward but has also set a benchmark for excellence in the industry. As he looks to the future, Walden’s ambition to expand his short-term rental portfolio into new domestic markets reveals a strategic vision that transcends local success, aiming for nationwide impact.

At the heart of Walden’s success is an innovative approach to real estate investment that eschews traditional barriers to entry. By demonstrating how to secure significant deals without initial personal investment, Walden has revolutionized the pathway to success in the industry. His methodologies, rooted in a keen understanding of market dynamics and investment leverage, offer a new paradigm for aspiring investors.

Devon Walden’s ascendance in the Indiana real estate sector is not merely a story of personal triumph but a beacon of inspiration for many. His leadership, expertise, and transformative strategies have solidified his status as a pivotal figure in property investment. As Walden continues to mentor, expand, and innovate, his influence on the real estate market and on the lives of his mentees is poised to grow, shaping the future of real estate investment for years to come.

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