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Todd Schoenberger on creating a bright future for CrossCheck Media

With his vision and drive, Todd aims to turn CrossCheck Media into an industry leader, where engaging stories meet the latest technology.

Photo courtesy Todd Schoenberger
Photo courtesy Todd Schoenberger

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The media world has seen many trendsetters, but few match the determination and drive of Todd Schoenberger, the founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of CrossCheck Media. Schoenberger’s story is inspiring, reminding us that bumps in the road can often lead to the more successful path.

Todd’s love for media started young. By the age of eight, he was making radio commercials. In his teens, the focus had shifted to television commercials, proving this young man’s adaptability to different media forms. After college, his career detoured, and he soon found himself deeply enmeshed into the world of finance on Wall Street.

His finance career had many stops and segues, culminating in the founding of his hedge fund. This venture, and its eventual closing, did not turn out as planned. In fact, it led to a flurry of fabrications, repercussions, and even a few truths. While this event marked the end of Todd’s finance career, it opened a new opportunity as well, leading him back into the media industry he had always loved.

Todd Schoenberger embraced this new venture, and his many years of finance experience made each bump he experienced during the growth phase of CrossCheck Media an opportunity to redouble his efforts and make his new business stronger.

Todd’s novel, No Lie Lives Forever, is a testament to his diverse life experiences. His book cleverly blends greed, lust, suspense, and international intrigue, interspersed with contemporary geopolitical events. This venture into storytelling highlights his ability to navigate complex narratives.

With his vision and drive, Todd aims to turn CrossCheck Media into an industry leader, where engaging stories meet the latest technology. He believes in the power of media to change perspectives and stimulate discussions, a belief he has integrated into CrossCheck Media’s mission statement.

As an industry force, CrossCheck Media is the culmination of Todd’s distinct vision and relentless ambition. The company embodies a belief in the power of media to shape perspectives, encourage dialogue, and drive change. It’s the epitome of his journey, reflecting the symbiosis of his personal growth with his professional evolution.

Todd Schoenberger is more than just a media mogul in the making. He’s a beacon for those who have veered off their destined path only to find themselves at the crossroads of adversity and opportunity. It reminds us that new beginnings can lead to greater success even when things don’t go as planned.

From a young boy making radio commercials to an up-and-coming media titan, Todd Schoenberger’s journey is a perfect example of resilience and adaptability. It’s a story that combines the past and future, failures and successes, finance and media, all rolled into a narrative of transformation and growth. This tale of Todd Schoenberger’s journey is an inspiring reminder that life is not about the downsides we all experience in life but also about how we ultimately rise back up, ready to face a brighter and better tomorrow.

You can find more about his journey and CrossCheck Media on Todd’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Dive deeper into the world he created in his novel, available on Amazon, or get a glimpse of his venture on YouTube.

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