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Time management tips for busy business leaders

Time management refers to processes that are geared towards organizing and planning how time can be effectively split between different activities. The objective of efficient time management is to enable a person to work smarter (not harder), so that more is achieved (and with the outputs often being delivered to a higher standard). By practicing good time management, stress levels can also be reduced.

There are several business books on time management, some of which are convoluted and others which contain practices that are hard to stick to. It is often preferable to go back to basics. While good advice like making lists and setting out tasks in journals are useful, sometimes business owners need to be reminded about the more quantitative aspects of time management to help consider what can be done differently.

In an overview on the website Business2Community, some good tips are provided. Five of these tips for effective time management are:

Regularly reignite your motivation

This first tip is presented as a pre-emptive measure. Without sufficient motivation, any task will seem momentous and this will often increase the time required to complete it and decrease the effectiveness with which is undertaken, often leading to an imperfect outcome.

Ask yourself if a project is really worth your time?

A second tip is considering whether the task is worthwhile at the end of the day. This is also linked with avoiding taking on too many tasks at the same time, which can lead to stress.

Quit things that don’t work for you

The third tip is knowing when to give upon a project or activity and turn the focus elsewhere. An example given is not spending time with a client “who is toxic, disrespectful and pays late…you need to get rid of them.”

Set boundaries

The fourth tip is to set boundaries. Here the most successful business owners are the best at setting specific hours when they work; taking time out to rest. Other things to do include avoiding responding to emails immediately, which help to set clear expectations.

Outsource things you shouldn’t be doing yourself

The final tip, especially for business owners, is realizing that you cannot do everything yourself. A key part of good time management is delegating.

With these tips poor time management practices can be avoided. Doing things wrong can lead to undue procrastination, falling behind schedule and concerns with self-control.

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