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These are the values that made insurance elevated an industry leader

Insurance Elevated, a unique insurance concept from entrepreneur and influencer Eric Bosworth, emerged from the pandemic as an innovative leader poised for continued growth

Eric Bosworth, CEO of Insurance Elevated. Photo courtesy of Insurance Elevated
Eric Bosworth, CEO of Insurance Elevated. Photo courtesy of Insurance Elevated

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Corporate businesses like insurance companies could have adapted better during the pandemic. Many struggled with office closures and work-from-home policies, some going as far as stubbornly resisting adaptation and withering as lockdowns stretched on. A few companies did better than most, keeping the impact low and pivoting as quickly as possible. One insurance company had core principles that gave it an edge, allowing a quick pivot and even excelling during the pandemic. Insurance Elevated, a unique insurance concept from entrepreneur and influencer  Eric Bosworth, emerged from the pandemic as an innovative leader poised for continued growth.

The keys to the pandemic success of Insurance Elevated were the values that come from Bosworth’s unique experiences. He’s no stranger to hard times. Fresh out of high school, Bosworth opened two businesses in his rural Polk County hometown. Despite his best efforts and hard work, the businesses failed. He traveled to Florida to start over, finding work as a Sprint dealer. It was a challenging job, but he excelled, working his way up to management, then to district manager, and then pivoting into medical sales. Suddenly, Bosworth saw a door open into the medical insurance industry, and his entrepreneurial spirit again took flight.

Insurance Elevated specializes in life insurance, fixed annuities, and cash accumulations, but what really defines it is Bosworth’s “people over profits,” attitude. “This stems from the top down,” says Bosworth, “And day in and day out I strive to ensure all my agents see that I myself still hold true to these values.” Those values also include transparency, a commitment to agent success that has penetrated every aspect of company culture, and innovation with new technologies and approaches to success. Bosworth had gained these values through his own struggles, and they were about to be his greatest asset as the pandemic struck and the entire industry began to struggle.

When lockdowns struck, Insurance Elevated was ready to adapt. Since they already valued agent success, letting them work remotely wasn’t too difficult of a feat. It paired well with how they embraced new technological solutions, and they even created an industry-exclusive lead generation system that let them turn to social media to find and pursue new leads. Insurance Elevated had already given agents full responsibility and ownership over their book of business, and its agents found themselves able to grow their books when agents of other agencies had to switch to damage control. Because Insurance Elevated was already offering some of the industry’s highest commissions, they were able to recruit top talent during this time, too.

Post-pandemic, Insurance Elevated is an industry leader thanks to its strong company culture and core values. They have over 400 agents operating in Tampa, Orlando, and Overland Park, Kansas. Insurance Elevated is the fastest-growing agency in the country’s top Independent Marketing Organization. This growth is possible thanks to the company’s adherence to core values that made Insurance Elevated one of the most adaptive and innovative young insurance companies at just the right time.

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