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Upcoming meme coin Big Eyes aims to surpass industry giants Cardano and Theta Network

How Big Eyes coin is strategically positioned to transform DeFi space.

Big Eyes Coin
Image courtesy Big Eyes Coin
Image courtesy Big Eyes Coin

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Blockchain technology has transformed financial transactions as well as leisure and gaming services across the globe. As a result, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been booming recently, creating several projects with novel approaches to blockchain technology.

Interestingly, every cryptocurrency investor is out searching for the proverbial “golden goose” that lays the “golden eggs” – in this case, a cryptocurrency opportunity with the potential for large gains. Cardano (ADA) and Theta Network (THETA) were great instances of such options for its early investors, who profited enormously as their market capitalization increased. However, recently, there has been a need for innovative and more profitable cryptocurrency investment, and that’s what Big Eyes (BIG) represents.

This article will explain how Big Eyes (BIG) is strategically positioned to transform DeFi space and bring excitement to the cryptocurrency community.

First Option

Cardano is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and decentralized public blockchain project. Cardano is a third-generation platform, following Bitcoin and Ethereum, first- and second-generation crypto platforms. While the success of Bitcoin heavily influences the price of ADA, Cardano developers are hard at work broadening the breadth of ADA use cases.

The platform handles over 80,000 transactions daily, and there is still room for expansion. However, the more use cases there are, the more stable the token may be. Cardano blockchain’s native token ADA, is currently ranked seventh on CoinMarketCap. It has remained in the green in the first week of this month. On September 10, 2021, the token reached an all-time high of $3.10.

Despite recent market crashes, Cardano ADA remains one of the most popular altcoins. Cardano’s network is one of the top three blockchains regarding protocol and security. The network is preparing for major improvements, such as the Lace light wallet and EVM sidechain. These are expected to contribute to ADA price increase.

Second Option

Theta (THETA) is a blockchain-based video streaming network launched to decentralize video streaming. It intends to provide a better experience to video streaming industry users at a lesser cost. It also promises to create a platform for content creators to earn more money by removing barriers between them and their target audience. THETA is the native currency of the Theta network.

Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long founded Theta Network (THETA) in 2017. Theta Network tokens are available on AAX, Digifinex, and Binance. Theta blockchain is the first end-to-end decentralized video streaming technology to offer customers technological and economical solutions.

Theta Network (THETA) allows its clients to stream movies by providing them additional bandwidth, computing power, and incentives. According to the project’s developers, Theta Network’s major purpose is to democratize and enhance the video streaming industry, which is now plagued by centralization, high costs, and bad infrastructure.

Theta Network (THETA) coin prices have subsequently skyrocketed, reaching a high of $15.72 in April 2021. However, Theta Network (THETA) trade volume and market capitalization have declined dramatically, indicating a battle to reclaim previous heights.

Third Options       

Big Eyes (BIG) is a new community-driven cryptocurrency that intends to promote the crypto meme sphere. It is a blockchain network that attempts to bring riches into the DeFi space while safeguarding a crucial component of the world. According to news reports, it will be accomplished by donating 5% of their profits to ocean-related initiatives.

The mascot of Big Eyes is an anime-style cat with large pupils, which deviates from the normal meme coins. Because many meme coins utilize dogs to identify themselves, having this already gives the token an advantage over its competitors. Big Eyes made this strategic decision because its developer recognized the cat’s ambience as a “billion-dollar industry” – capitalizing on the “cute” market.

NFTs have grown in importance in the crypto business, and Big Eyes hopes to capitalize on this. Big Eyes hopes to include an NFT collection in its top ten efforts, with NFT activities occurring all year. Additionally, if you acquire a Big Eyes NFT, you will be eligible to join the Big Eyes Sushi Crew.

The cryptocurrency project distinguishes itself from competitors by being community-driven, transaction-free, and with a dynamic tax system. BIG expects to have 90% of its 200,000,000,000 available at launch, so keep an eye on the progress of Big Eyes.

Some digital assets have done poorly, while others have outperformed. Nonetheless, experts believe that the fall season will favour certain digital assets. Big Eyes (BIG), Cardano (ADA), and Theta Network (THETA) are three digital assets that have the potential to make enormous returns this summer.

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