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The top 4 app development companies in Canada (2022)

Struggling to decide which development firm is the best choice to design your digital product? Here’s a few of the top ranked development shops in Canada.

Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash
Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

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The app space is growing rapidly as companies look to digital products to drive efficiencies, open new commerce channels and create brand value. And we’re not just talking about companies in traditionally digital sectors. 

Digital products are increasingly a key strategic directive for organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, given the digital acceleration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, who should you choose to develop your app? 

Don’t feel bad if you’re overwhelmed by options. There are a LOT of players in the digital app development space — and they all make a lot of the same claims.

To help you choose the best digital product development partner, consider this list of the country’s top app development companies.

Reviewing Canada’s top app development companies

There are critical qualities and capabilities you want in a development partner, and they go beyond technical chops. 

Here are the criteria that were used to identify top-performing Canadian firms:

  • The ability to understand business goals and not just technical development criteria. Every decision your development partner makes about your digital product should map back to your business strategy and goals. A disconnect between business goals and technical execution can result in the wrong product or unnecessary costs. 
  • Experience developing mission critical digital products that help businesses scale and grow. A partner should have verifiable work experience creating products that drive bottom-line results in revenue, scale, customer acquisition or other key performance indicators.
  • Experience with a variety of apps across mobile and web. What platforms are you building for? How will your product appear on iOS or Android? Is it mobile-friendly or mobile-only? You want a partner that can think through all the implications of what you’re building and how (and where) users will access it.
  • Experience with varying size clients, from startups to enterprise. Producing a proof-of-concept app for a startup brings significantly different considerations than, say, an enterprise-grade app. Ideally your partner has done both.
  • Customer feedback and third-party ratings. Strong third party and customer feedback is important in assessing the overall experience a development firm delivers. 

Canada’s best app and digital product development firm ??

Our pick for the top digital product development company in Canada is Vog App Developers

They’re a creative development company that builds iOS & Android mobile apps, custom software applications and enterprise software. It’s headquartered in Calgary, AB.

Vog App Developers has more than a decade of broad and deep experience ranging from fintech application development and energy applications, to cryptocurrency apps, social media, delivery, and utility-based apps. 

The company’s methodology stands out, because it prioritizes tying technical and creative work to business goals. Vog App Developers also places great emphasis on client collaboration, cost management, and risk management. 

The company’s process includes a strong focus on project management and communication to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-spec. Vog App Developers was also overwhelmingly described by former and current clients as both highly creative and solution-oriented. Ultimately the organization creates significant trust amongst its client-base.

Vog App Developers’ services include:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Marketing
  • Custom Software Development (from startups to enterprise solutions)

The company has experienced significant growth in recent years, which is likely tied to the quality of its technical work and the client experience it delivers.

Vog App Developers is the gold standard in Canadian app development firms.

For more info, visit

Runners-up for best Canadian app development firm

Three runners-up development shops also stand out in the industry. 

247 Labs 

This Toronto-based firm, founded in 2013, has 35 employees. 247 Labs specializes in web development, mobile apps and e-commerce. It also offers a structured 6-step delivery process and ongoing dedicated support packages. 

The company offers commissions to strategic partners who provide referrals, along with white label and in-kind partnerships. Clients include ERP Redesign, Skyline, GM Onstar, Cookstown Dental Centre, SAFEAPP, and Skript MD.


A full-service development company based out of Calgary, they also list satellite locations in Sanford, FL, England and Australia. Launchcode’s services include: Discovery (including market research, mind-mapping and grant procurement), Design (Storyboarding, UX/UI, wireframes, proofs-of-concept) and Development (web, iOS, Android, Hardware, rapid prototyping). 

Launchcode also puts emphasis on a strong internal culture. Clients include Earth Drilling, Masterpiece Retirement Residence, Olympia Trust Company, and Cisco.

Freshworks Studio

A custom software development company out of Victoria, BC, the firm boasts 100 employees and additional locations in Seattle and Medellin. It focuses on work in digital health. Freshworks has expertise in UX/UI Research & Design, Digital Product Strategy, Innovation & Prototyping, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, and Technology Integrations. 

Clients include Government of BC, Government of Alberta, Espri, Grouse Mountain and Hootsuite.

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