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The healing power of CBD: how ZAR wellness transforms lives through personalized consultations and quality products

Behind the company’s success are two inspirational figures, co-founders Razia Qureshi-Shalami and Asad Shalami.

Photo courtesy ZAR Wellness
Photo courtesy ZAR Wellness

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A powerful transformation is taking place in the heart of Texas, where wide-open spaces meet modern hustle. One family-owned business, ZAR Wellness, is at the helm, disrupting the wellness industry with a unique take on CBD and THC products. Behind the company’s success are two inspirational figures, co-founders Razia Qureshi-Shalami and Asad Shalami.

“The journey began when we faced health issues that conventional medicine seemed unable to resolve. We found our relief in CBD,” confesses Razia, the charismatic COO of ZAR Wellness. The couple’s foray into CBD was not merely about creating a profitable business but rather about sharing the healing benefits they had personally experienced.

“People who visit our locations often deal with anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, PTSD, and depression,” Razia explains. “We provide thorough medical consultations, spending considerable time with each person to ensure they understand how the endocannabinoid system works and to determine the best products to address their specific ailments.”

ZAR Wellness stands tall in a market flooded with inferior CBD products. The secret? An unrivaled commitment to quality and safety. Asad says, “Many brands claim to be great, but they lack a deep understanding of the plant and its growth process. We take the time to research each cannabinoid, conduct trials, and evaluate its attributes, benefits, and potential side effects or health concerns.”

But the team at ZAR Wellness needs help to do it. They lean heavily on internal focus groups, ensuring each product has been meticulously tested and vetted before it reaches the hands of consumers. As Razia shares, “We’re only scratching the surface regarding understanding the potential of cannabinoids. Our focus on health and wellness, the quality of our compounds, and our robust testing procedures set us apart from the crowd.”

The company’s commitment doesn’t end with the sale. “We’re providing a holistic journey and ongoing support to our customers,” Asad affirms. “The customer journey is essential to us, and we aim to deliver the intended results for each individual.”

Veterans are particularly close to the couple’s heart. Having served in the army, Asad understands firsthand CBD’s life-changing potential and benefits. This understanding birthed ZAR’s veterans discount program, which has provided over 2 million dollars in discounts since its inception in 2020. “We wanted to bring relief to others suffering from mental and physical ailments,” Asad states passionately. “One out of every three clients we serve is a veteran.”

In the bustling heart of the Lone Star State, ZAR Wellness doesn’t just sell products but the promise of a better life marked by wellness and holistic health. With Razia and Asad leading the charge, the company remains unwavering in its commitment to quality, safety, and personalized care.

With 24 locations dotted across Texas, ZAR Wellness is committed to helping individuals manage a range of ailments from anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD to energy and sleep problems. The company even offers pet-friendly products, understanding that our furry friends can benefit from the wellness power of CBD too.

Razia sums it up best: “We are dedicated to being a positive influence in our industry, and it’s through conversations and education that we can continue to transform lives.”

ZAR Wellness is not just a business; it’s a mission, a vision, and, most importantly, a life-changing solution for those searching for relief from a range of ailments. It’s a story of love, healing, and the transformative power of CBD. With every CBD oil drop and every THC-infused gummy, ZAR Wellness is making its mark as a wellness champion and a beacon of hope for thousands across Texas and beyond.

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