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The ChatGPT for investing is here, it’s called FINQ

Data overload and conflicting information can be paralysing for investors, and the need for a reliable and unbiased investment platform has never been more crucial.

Photo courtesy of FINQ
Photo courtesy of FINQ

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Navigating the vast sea of data requires a platform that not only aggregates information but also distills it into actionable insights. More often than not, investors grapple with the challenge of sifting through diverse sources, ranging from traditional financial news outlets to social media and emerging data sources. 

The surge in available data, coupled with the speed at which market conditions evolve, underscores the importance of a platform that not only provides real-time information but also employs science and big data to discern patterns and trends. A reliable investment platform should not only serve as a repository of financial data but should also act as a strategic ally, empowering investors to make informed decisions in a timely manner. 

FINQ: Big data meets science

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, investors should cut through the noise and uncertainties inherent in today’s markets. Enter FINQ, the AI-powered investment platform that aims to revolutionise the limited, biased, and old-fashioned financial advisory system, much like how ChatGPT has transformed conversational AI.

Today, investors face a myriad of challenges in the dynamic market. The overload of conflicting data, unstructured information, and the lack of transparent sources often leave them struggling to make informed decisions. Traditional financial advisory systems, with their limitations, fail to address these issues adequately. FINQ steps into this void, leveraging artificial intelligence and big data to provide 100% objective, practical, and continuous investment solutions for investors at every risk level.

The investment landscape is riddled with challenges, including the contradiction between data sources, the absence of relative data, and the difficulty of accessing quality research. FINQ addresses these concerns head-on by offering a comprehensive solution that scans the entire market of financial products. The platform creates a unique financial profile for every risk level, ranking the market and generating simple and transparent stock portfolios that consistently outperform the market.

Moreover, FINQ provides practical and easy-to-execute investment insights. The platform covers a wide range of stocks, offering access to portfolios designed for different investment strategies, whether it’s long, short, or a combination of both. Each portfolio is optimised to minimise costs and maximise profits, ensuring that investors get the most out of their financial strategies.

Becoming a FINQER

As a FINQER, a term coined for paying customers of FINQ, users gain access to a comprehensive stock market ranking, including the influential S&P 500. Furthermore, FINQ provides access to three distinct stock portfolios, each tailored to serve a different investment strategy. The platform’s forward-thinking approach promises additional products in the future, expanding to fully managed portfolios across various financial products, such as stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds from around the globe.

What makes FINQ truly unique is its commitment to outperforming traditional investing strategies employed by human intermediaries and even the world’s leading indices. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, FINQ not only addresses the existing challenges in the financial advisory landscape but also sets a new standard for data-driven, objective investment solutions.


FINQ represents a paradigm shift in how investors approach decision-making. The integration of artificial intelligence and big data not only streamlines the investment process but also ensures that investors are equipped with the most relevant and unbiased information to make informed choices.

As the ChatGPT for investing, FINQ offers a revolutionary approach to financial advisory services. With its unique ranking system, diverse portfolio options, and commitment to outperforming traditional strategies, FINQ positions itself as a game-changer in the ever-evolving landscape of investment platforms.

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