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Success lessons from founder of C.E.O Blueprint: Adele Tevlin

C.E.O Blueprint, is a transformational development company that aims to work with people and companies to improve the overall aspects of their lives

Founder and CEO of C.E.O Blueprint, Adele Tevlin
Founder and CEO of C.E.O Blueprint, Adele Tevlin
Founder and CEO of C.E.O Blueprint, Adele Tevlin

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The founder and CEO of C.E.O Blueprint, Adele Tevlin, has not only created incredible success through her transformational development work, but she is also rising to inspire others to be able to dream big and achieve great things in life. 

Adele’s company, C.E.O Blueprint, is a transformational development company that aims to work with people and companies to improve the overall aspects of their lives. These may include their professional lives, relationships, mental peace, and personal lives. While she was seen as the protégé who would once take over her mother’s dental practice as a dentist – Adele wanted more from her life. She had her own dreams. 

Soon after, she became a cognitive behavioral therapist as she was deeply interested in the human mind and its behavioral elements. Along with being a cognitive behavioral therapist, she combined CBT with nutrition and created a popular and sustainable weight-loss program that executives in downtown Toronto used. However, having spent some time in this field, Adele had a moment where she realized even this was not what she wanted to do. So, with the passion and persistence inside of her, she moved on. 

Things weren’t always smooth for Adele. As the pandemic hit, things became terrible, and Adele resorted to borrowing money from her boyfriend. Most people tend to give up in times such as these, or their hope is thoroughly washed away. Adele, however, took this as an opportunity to improve herself, and she did. With the starting of C.E.O Blueprint, she started to gain traction, and her work rocketed in terms of success. From borrowing money, she went on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

All the hard work and difficult times started to pay off as her business picked up. Adele has now worked for big-name companies such as TD Bank, CIBC, Credit Suisse, Goodmans LLP, Shimmerman Penn, Blakes LLP, and Crowe Soberman LLP. With her pattern interpretation and cognitive behavioral skills, she has indeed succeeded in transforming her clients’ lives for the better. 

She has been told that people have found her 4-week series more effective than even over 25 years of therapy. Those are incredible things to hear after working long and hard to achieve exactly that. Adele also has the ability to connect with her clients and connect the missing dots in their life journeys. These are dots that they did not even know existed. Clearly, Adele was made to do this. 

According to Adele, integrity is everything, and she always kept hers intact. She says that once you’ve committed to doing something, you should honor that commitment, and it is a trait that has led her to where she is. When giving advice, Adele says that everything you desire is possible. All it takes is some persistence, and anything is possible. 

When talking about the future, Adele has business and humanitarian goals. She wants to be able to make $10 million in the near future as well as expand her work she can provide transformational development to people around the globe. Adele also wants to start a foundation aimed at helping underprivileged children.

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