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RoboApe (RBA) joins the crypto revolution across the sports and esports industry

Over the last few years, we have seen a plethora of crypto projects and exchanges enter the world of sports and esports as they partner with teams, arenas, and institutions to push their agenda.

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash
Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

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The Mutually Beneficial World of Crypto and Sports/Esports

Over the last few years, we have seen a plethora of crypto projects and exchanges enter the world of sports and esports as they partner with teams, arenas, and institutions to push their agenda. However, while the association with these brands in a populous industry is certainly beneficial for sponsors and sponsees alike, the partnerships can also be extremely beneficial for fans and followers within the industry.

How Crypto Benefits The Sporting World

Image by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

It is rare to find such a phenomenon that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved, but crypto’s entry into sports can be just that. The crypto revolution and evolution of Web3 is all about interconnectivity and connecting fans to their favourite team has been a problem in the past, particularly with large sporting organisations.

Using blockchain technology the fan experience can be enhanced, making it easier to interact and become closer to your favourite team and players. For example, tickets to games can be turned into NFTs and collectibles that not only provide the attendee a personalised memory of the day it can also have additional features such as highlights of the game incorporated, so as a fan you never forget your day out.

Moreover, during the game, either at home, in a pub, or at the game itself, the team can put on promotions and rewards through blockchain technology and crypto. A scheme where if you guess the correct first goal scorer or whether the first touchdown will be a run from the QB would unlock a unique piece of memorabilia, the possibilities are endless.

With the new football season rapidly approaching across Europe, the basketball and NFL season not far out in the US, and the hard court tennis season starting, crypto can connect fans in a way that will be beneficial for all parties involved. While there was disappointment among some fans when the historic Staples Centre became the Arena, before lamenting the change remember that crypto can make your fan experience exponentially better, and that is why you should welcome the paradigm shift that is occurring.

How Crypto Benefits Esports

There is a juxtaposition with how crypto will benefit the esports industry but, is equally multifaceted in the advantages crypto possesses. First, similar to sports the ability to interact with your favourite teams and players through NFTs and memorabilia can increase the level of interaction that fans have with the ecosystem.

Image courtesy RoboApe

However, one of the biggest benefits is using crypto as a platform for gaming, and newcomer RoboApe (RBA) looks set to consolidate and bring meritocracy into the esports industry. RoboApe will organise and create esports events that have generous prize pools and financial opportunities through sponsorships and endorsements.

The RoboApe esports initiative will be for players and teams at every level, from beginners to your seasoned pros, and promote fierce gaming competition that is rewarding in monetary value through the RoboApe Token and thoroughly enjoyable to participate in which will aid in growing the community.

Additionally, RoboApe will incorporate an NFT marketplace to allow gamers to trade their in-game assets or content obtained from RoboApe tournaments. The protocol will also host exclusive NFT minting events for those in the community rewarding its members further.

With many of the leading crypto exchanges already having allegiances within esports such as Fnatic partnering with, TSM being part-owned by FTX, Bitstamp sponsoring Immortals, and Team Liquid promoting Coinbase, crypto is not new to the gaming industry.

RoboApe can be the platform that fuels an exchange rivalry, hosting events where Team Liquid and Coinbase face off against FTX and TSM across Valorant, League of Legends, CSGO, and others to battle it out to be the best exchanged backed esports organisation. Esports has been crying out for rivalries that have genuine meaning behind them and exchange vs exchange within esports would certainly be one.

Lastly, the gaming world is an industry that sees some of the highest adoption rates across any demographic. This is partially why so many exchanges have partnered with gaming teams, but it is also because the integration and benefits that crypto and Web3 have to enhance the experience in gaming are clear.

With NFTs set to be a mainstay in how gaming content is consumed and traded the crypto revolution within gaming is well underway.  

If you are interested in learning more about RoboApe (RBA) here’s a link to an article explaining more!

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