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Robert Alexander uses personal challenges to inspire clients to reach new heights

Undeterred by his early challenges, Alexander loved media and public relations

Photo courtesy of 360Wise/Pixabay on Pexels
Photo courtesy of 360Wise/Pixabay on Pexels

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Growing up on the tough streets of Washington D.C. taught Robert Alexander, CEO of 360Wise Media, to transform his life and inspire others to reach the loftiest possible heights. 


Alexander spent his youth on the mean streets of the nation’s capital. This environment taught him to grow up fast, and it also made him realize that moving up would require hard work, vision, and a definite plan. 

Undeterred by his early challenges, Alexander loved media and public relations. As he grew older, he employed perseverance, effort, grit, and determination to forge a career in brand marketing and public relations. 

360Wise Media 

Today, Alexander stands out as the leader of his company 360Wise Media. The entity helps you elevate your brand and expand your influence through services such as digital marketing, brand development, web design and development, public relations, content creation, political advocacy, public speaking, magazine and newspaper placement, consulting, and training. 

He has had the good fortune to work alongside numerous well-known corporate establishments and notable names to help them spread their influence.


Alexander found inspiration in his upbringing and his desire to help others arrive at the destinations they sought. 

“I wanted to leverage my experiences and insight to help others transform their lives and achieve their goals,” he said. 


Alexander once again looks no further than his youth. Growing up in a challenging environment forced him to mature faster than most young people. Additionally, he learned to be resourceful and resilient and embrace the concept of building networks with people he could trust. 

What sets 360Wise apart from its competitors?

He believes the journey of adversity he faced early on offers him a unique understanding of the struggles his clients often experience. Experiences with specific challenges equip Alexander with real-world expertise, applying it to practical situations. Problem-solving and adequately coping with unexpected challenges prove an excellent way to build your brand and formulate public relations strategies. 

Personal anecdotes 

Alexander recalls an early trip on his rise up the ladder of success.

“One story that stands out is how I started my first marketing campaign,” he said. “I started with just a few dollars and a vision. Despite the limited resources, the company’s success was a testament to the power of creativity and determination.” 

Notable achievements

Aside from working with big-name companies and people, Alexander takes great pride in having led numerous successful marketing campaigns, yielding a significantly increased visibility for his clients and attaining respect from industry insiders as a brand marketing expert and public relations influencer. 

The future

Alexander envisions 360Wise continuing to grow in both the public relations and marketing realms and expanding its influence on an international stage. 

“Additionally, my aspirations include mentoring the next generation of marketers and continuing to innovate in the industry,” he said. 


Robert Alexander’s inspiring journey to the top of the public relations and brand marketing industries began in a challenging urban setting. However, he did not permit these obstacles to deter him from achieving his dreams, and he used his experiences to help others address their difficulties and reach as high as their dreams and efforts could take them. 

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