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Review: The Freedom Era Academy educates entrepreneurs in the digital age

The Freedom Era is an online educational platform that provides training, coaching, mentoring, and support in the digital business and marketing space.

The Freedom Era
Photo courtesy The Freedom Era
Photo courtesy The Freedom Era

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Have you dreamed of owning and operating your own business? For so many people, an entrepreneurial lifestyle is just a dream that is never realized – but it doesn’t have to be. With an education in business and marketing, a desirable end product to sell, and an understanding of how to reach your target market, your days of building someone else’s empire can come to an end.

If you aren’t prepared to go back to a four-year college or complete a master’s degree, not to worry; there are other ways to get the targeted business education you need to strike out on your own.

In our digital age, it’s impossible to not be exposed to the myriad of influencers and entrepreneurs who seem to build their brands online and practically overnight. An online presence and understanding of how to leverage your social media accounts are more complicated and nuanced than you may think, but tools are available to teach you the ins and outs of the industry.

If you’re looking for a targeted education and access to masterclasses by some of the leaders in the online space, look no further than The Freedom Era. An online educational platform that provides training, coaching, mentoring, and support in the digital business and marketing space, The Freedom Era teaches its members how to monetize their social media, how to find the right offer, and how to leverage online automation so they can enjoy more time freedom. 

The Freedom Era is providing its members with the skill set required to develop both personally and professionally, which leads to financial betterment and financial security no matter what you choose to pursue.

When you enroll in the online Academy with The Freedom Era, you can expect to find classes on business strategy, leadership, digital marketing, and personal development. The delivery method of these topics ranges from fundamental courses to mentorships to high-end consultant masterclasses and whole-day masterminds, so you won’t be mired in book learning and worksheets like you might in a traditional school.

Getting Started

When you sign up with The Freedom Era, your first task will be a coaching experience that will help you to identify what exactly you are trying to build, and what personal roadblocks may be holding you back. By going through this guided process of self-discovery, you can begin to knock down the walls that you’ve built up.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to entrepreneurship or you’ve already got your toes in the water, the materials that you receive through the Academy will help you to strengthen your foundation. 

Your materials will include:

  • Digital Business Guide
  • Educational Videos on Social Media Setup
  • Personal Development Support
  • Identification of Ideal Client Base for You and Your Brand
  • A Daily Routine that Encourages Personal and Professional Growth

The Masterclass Vault inside of the Academy gives you access to leading entrepreneurs and industry experts in the online space who can show you exactly how they achieved their success.

As you delve into the full coursework, expect to learn about everything from copywriting to paid and organic leads generation to sales and marketing to leadership training. The Academy at The Freedom Era is truly a one-stop shop for online entrepreneurs.

Embrace the Community

While many entrepreneurs can find success on their own, one of the greatest tools you can utilize is a mentorship and community to learn from. Growing and scaling your business can be achieved so much more quickly with access to the right people and mindsets to teach you the pitfalls to avoid.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are ready to level up to their highest potential is so important when you’re starting your own business. Remove the naysayers from your life, and watch yourself soar! You’ll find that The Freedom Era community is one of the most welcoming and growth-inducing that you’ll come across.

The Future is Yours

Stop scrolling through social media and wondering how these entrepreneurs got their start and achieved financial freedom. It’s time to embrace your ability to do the same, but you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’ve already designed the perfect product, or just know that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is right for you, The Freedom Era should be your first stop on the road to independence.

By believing in yourself, you can change your life, the lives of those around you, and the world. By educating yourself on the step-by-step process of how to achieve success, you can remove years of guesswork and failures from your trajectory.

Whether you’re on Step 1 of your journey or looking for the foundation to move to that next level, The Freedom Era can get you where you need to go.

It’s time to be free!

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George Nellist is a public relations, marketing and strategic brand expert who has executed social media and strategic marketing campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. For more information, visit Ascend Agency.

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