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Report on install intent reveals the shopping apps are poised for growth

Digital marketing relies on new apps. A handful of the apps have been identified as ‘organic breakout’ growth potential.

Major banks, airlines report online outages
Most of Australia's major financial firms reported customers could not access websites and mobile apps for a period on Thursday - Copyright AFP Saeed KHAN
Most of Australia's major financial firms reported customers could not access websites and mobile apps for a period on Thursday - Copyright AFP Saeed KHAN

For companies developing digital marketing strategies the development of an easy-to-use app and an app that proves popular with consumers is key. However, breaking out of the myriad of apps available online can be tough. There are movers and shapers among the hoard, as digital marketing surveys can assist in revealing.

A recent example of this is with Digital Turbine’s new “Shopping App-ortunity Report”, which aims to help UA (User Acquisition) marketers use findings about app awareness and app install intent to optimize their marketing strategies for the Holiday season.

The report unveils that prior to the commencement of this shopping season, 55 percent of mobile shoppers had already added at least one new shopping app. Furthermore, analysis of future app intent has revealed that a handful of the apps researched have what is known as ‘organic breakout’ growth potential.

The report characterizes these higher potential apps, including Nike, Etsy, and Poshmark, as UA “climbers.” This is because of their moderate level of awareness, when combined with a relatively high overall “likeliness to install”, indicates the possibility of solid UA gains.

By analyzing these factors of consumer awareness and “likeliness to install,” the App-ortunity report segments 18 brands into four categories and explores strategies for each. Through these strategies, developers can review the potential for UA growth.

The segments include:

  • Apps described as ‘climbers’. These are characterized by solid consumer awareness (between 30 percent to 70 percent) and above average install intent. Climbers are recommended to take a full funnel approach by expanding budgets, adjusting daily caps, and increasing awareness through preloads.
  • Apps termed ‘leaders’ like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. These apps rank ahead of others in terms of brand awareness (above 70 percent). They also have an above average install intent and high install rates. New UA solutions like dynamic wizards integrated into the device O/S software update process carry the potential to provide more effective ways to get onto other devices.
  • The third group is apps named ‘flagpoles’. These have solid awareness but have a lower “likeliness to install”. This set includes brands like eBay, Craigslist, and Sam’s Club. Such brands need to maximize conversion rates through offers and completing the journeys from website to app.
  • The fourth and final group are the ‘niche’ or ‘emergers’ cluster. Such apps have only low awareness and they only carry a low intent for installation. Many of the brands in this category either cater to smaller (niche) audiences, like Alibaba which caters to the business-to-business market, or they are emerging, like AfterPay.

For apps in the last category, app store optimization presents a useful tactic for building awareness and addressing conversion threats.

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