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Report: Businesses are experiencing endpoint security incidents

Cybersecurity appears to be not up to pace with the rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and as more devices connect, there are also seemingly more hackers attempting to gain access to these devices. The motibation for these hackers is either to gain control of the devices themselves or to exploit the large amounts of data generated they generate.

Looking into the risks, Pulse Secure has released a report that shows the key issues, considerations, and investments enterprises are advancing for more robust Zero Trust endpoint and IoT security. The report is titled the “2020 Endpoint and IoT Zero Trust Security Report.”

According to Microsoft, instead of assuming everything behind the corporate firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model assumes breach and verifies each request. Zero Trust is manifest as a mechanism to protect information requests and as a structural design concept for computers. The aim of a Zero Trust Architecture is to tackle a more advanced threat movement that can take place within a network. The response involves leveraging micro-segmentation. This is also known as the “never trust, always verify” principle, determining Zero Trust.

The report found that 72 percent of organizations has experienced an increase in endpoint and IoT security incidents in pas twelev months.In addition, some 56 percent of organizations anticipate their organization will likely be compromised due to an endpoint or IoT-originated attack within the next 12 months.

In terms of the incidences of greatest concern, the survey identifies the top theee issues as related to malware (78 percent), insecure network and remote access (61 percent), and compromised credentials (58 percent). This signals that a new apporach is needed by many firms, since there appears to be insufficient protection across the board against the latest threats.

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Dr. Tim Sandle is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for science news. Tim specializes in science, technology, environmental, business, and health journalism. He is additionally a practising microbiologist; and an author. He is also interested in history, politics and current affairs.

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