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Remote workforce gets a boost from productivity tool (Includes interview)

Workplace productivity refers to how efficiently your company’s workforce produces an output. This becomes more challenging to assess when the majority of the workforce are not in the office. An example of assessing employee productivity is Prodoscore, which is an employee visibility software tool with over 30,000 users, has successfully found a way to measure success based on someone’s productivity and not on the end results.

To gain some tips about productivity, Digital Journal caught up with Denise Hazime to learn more about how to help people stay productive while working from home. The tips are:

Trusting your teams

It’s no secret that people often dislike group work because they think one person is always slacking off. This is because we can’t manage what others are doing and when. A great way to mitigate this is by setting up work-from-home rules, such as requiring email responses from your teams within a specific number of hours, using text messages for urgent matters, and hosting calls over video to ensure participation.

Focus on one task at a time

Accomplishing your goals means dedicated time to the projects that matter, and de-prioritizing the ones that do not. Tackling one task at a time will allow you to deeply focus, eliminate distraction, and get through your to-do list quicker.

Overcommunicating with leadership

Providing updates to your supervisors on the work you are doing is nothing new. However, in a remote workforce, you can’t run over to your supervisor’s office next door to give quick updates. Make sure you are over-communicating and sharing updates frequently so no one wonders where you are and what you are doing.

Don’t make assumptions

We often make assumptions about what people are doing that are incorrect (people are anxious about the unknown and tend to assume the worst). It’s important to remember that everyone has different work styles so transparency and communication will ensure that no one is left wondering what is going on.

Use management tools

There are so many tools available to help teams keep in constant communication to ensure work is being done. Slack, Zoom, and Prodoscore are a few tools that can be implemented to give visibility into your team’s workloads

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