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Red flags: When to say no to a customer

How to say no without irreparably damaging the relationship with the customer?

Are customers always right in business? Image by Tim Sandle.
Are customers always right in business? Image by Tim Sandle.

‘The customer is always right’, so the old adage goes. However, there are times in business when a customer pushes things too far and the best response is to say ‘no.’ The build-up to say ‘no’ is often prevaricated by ‘red flags’.

James Dooley, the founder of PromoSEO, has shared his top tips on the red flags to be aware of with Digital Journal.

Dooley is keen to point out that while saying ‘no’ sometimes is the best response there are different ways to express this. He advises on how to say no without irreparably damaging the relationship with the customer. In other words, creating the best strategies for maintaining healthy business-client relationships while safeguarding your business interests.

The Red Flags

Unrealistic Expectations

When a customer’s demands exceed what is feasible or reasonable for your business to deliver, it may be a sign to reconsider the partnership.

Refusal To Adhere To Payment Terms

“Customers who consistently delay payments or outright refuse to comply with agreed-upon payment terms pose a significant financial risk to your business,” Dooley explains. “You have the right to be paid the agreed amount for your service.”

Disrespectful Or Abusive Behaviour

No business should tolerate disrespectful or abusive conduct towards its staff. Such behaviour undermines morale and indicates that your connection with this client is a toxic relationship that may not be worth pursuing.

Inconsistent Communication

Difficulty in reaching a customer or receiving timely responses can impede the smooth flow of business operations and lead to misunderstandings.

A History Of Disputes Or Non-Payment

“If a customer has a track record of disputes or non-payment with other businesses, it’s a strong indicator that they might try to play the same game with you,” Dooley says. “Do some research and leverage your connections to find out how your potential customers have behaved in previous business interactions before signing any kind of agreement.”

Dooley’s tips for establishing boundaries and protecting your business

Set Clear Policies And Boundaries

Establish comprehensive policies regarding payment terms, scope of services, and acceptable conduct. Communicate these clearly to customers from the outset.

Effective Communication

Foster open and transparent communication channels with customers. Address any concerns or discrepancies promptly to prevent misunderstandings from escalating.

Prioritise Your Well-Being And Financial Security

Recognise that safeguarding your own well-being and financial security is paramount. Don’t hesitate to turn down clients or terminate contracts if necessary.

Dooley concludes saying: “In business, knowing when to say no to a customer can be just as important as saying yes. By recognising red flags early on and responding proactively, you safeguard your reputation, protect your bottom line, and ensure you don’t end up wasting your time and effort on clients who aren’t worth it.”

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