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Real De Talpa: The premier investment opportunity in Mexico’s real estate market

Nestled in the mountains near Talpa de Allende, between coastal Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara inland, Real de Talpa is a community in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Real de Talpa
Photo courtesy of Real de Talpa

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Nestled in the mountains near Talpa de Allende, between coastal Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara inland, Real de Talpa is a blossoming community in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. This holistic residential area, founded by entrepreneur and reggae recording artist Kassiano Smith, not only contains 89 eco-friendly home sites but also boasts organic community gardens and orchards, solar power, and other sustainable living essentials.

Kass Smith grew up in Jamaica and worked for his family’s construction company. Their philosophy was to build solidly in that hurricane-prone region. Now, in his development in Mexico, Kass’s plan calls for making the homes hurricane and earthquake-proof, despite the scarcity of such dangers currently in central Jalisco.

“My family’s company always built everything a little bit stronger for whatever might happen in the next 40 or 50 years,” Smith explains. “Unlike typical wooden buildings in the United States, our Real de Talpa homes are solid brick and mortar and steel. The home is substantial construction because I want to be prepared for the potential of having more storms in the future.”

The first three phases consist of 89 large lots and three upscale home designs, each with possible upgrades available. Some plans include terraces and private rooftop gardens. Smith’s consultant, Heidi Careaga, says demand for homes like these is growing among people under retirement age.

“Our buyers are people who understand what it is to live off-grid in a sustainable community. And a lot has changed over the last couple of years because now we have more people who can work remotely,” she says. “Many Americans and Canadians are now choosing to live a few months in Costa Rica or Europe. We provide another option.”

Another market for these properties is the expatriate population. Retiring to the Mexican coast is a common North American dream. Smith says that many who move from the U.S. or Canada to Mexico find it to be a challenging reorientation.

“Once people have been here for two or three years, it’s a much easier transition for them to move from the coast to the mountains,” Kass points out. “I believe that a good part of our market could be tapping into the local foreign population here in Mexico.”

Real de Talpa is currently 70 percent sold out in its existing phases. Looking ahead to phases four and five, Kass Smith plans to introduce sophisticated housing options, including timeshares, fractional ownership, a condo-hotel, and a spa or regenerative clinic.

“It’s an alternate treatment plan for cancer or many other diseases,” Heidi Careaga says. “People could come in and take the treatment. They could stay for a day, a week, or they could stay for months, whatever is required.”

Careaga explains that the clinic will specialize in emotional healing and many other leading-edge treatments, including ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, and plasma therapy, plus various kinds of massages, acupuncture, acupressure, and many more holistic modalities.

Meanwhile, Smith is looking into inviting real estate investors into the project.

“We’re seeing the strength of the Mexican peso because it has been standing very strong against the U.S. dollar. And many American investors are asking, ‘I’ve got a thousand, I’ve got two million. Where can I invest it? I’d like to park it in real estate.”

Phases one through three, with the upscale single-family homes, are 70 percent sold now, with just 29 lots left. Phases four and five of Real de Talpa will begin construction soon.

“I believe we have a unique product in a unique location. The fact that it’s a resort atmosphere in the mountains, that the lots are larger than normal, and there’s lots of undeveloped land around are good selling points,” Kass Smith says.“And the project’s upcoming phases will bring opportunities for international companies to hold retreats and team building.”

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