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Q&A: New platform to help IT with digital transformation (Includes interview)

In February, 2020 1E, a real-time IT platform solution for enterprise organizations, launched Tachyon 5.0. This new platform offers the first Employee Device Experience solution to measure device performance, stability and responsiveness in real-time. The idea behind this is by providing IT teams with complete visibility of all devices in a single dashboard enables them to conduct preventative maintenance and real-time remediation to improve the employee experience.

To learn more, Digital Journal caught up with the CEO of 1E, Sumir Karayi, to discuss how this platform will give IT the help they need to make digital transformation successful.

Digital Journal: How important is digital transformation for businesses?

Sumir Karayi: Enterprises must modernize legacy IT infrastructures and transition to a digital enterprise to remain competitive, deliver a better employee experience, improve operational efficiencies and exceed customer expectations. Companies can leverage technologies in the digital enterprise, such as automation, to free up resources, reduce downtime, and do business more efficiently. At a high level, digital transformation can open new growth opportunities for companies.

As companies transition to a digital enterprise, employee experience has become more important than ever. The number one tool affecting employee experience is the endpoint—and if we have a bad experience with our endpoints and devices in the workplace, we have a bad experience at work full stop. The rapid developments in consumer technology mean we expect a ‘consumer-grade’ experience with technology in the workplace. Companies that can’t deliver on digital transformation initiatives—or can’t keep up with the acceleration of change and technology—are unable to meet employee workplace expectations. Companies that deliver on employee experience are three times more profitable.

At 1E, we help organizations transition to a digital enterprise through real-time endpoint management that delivers cutting-edge employee experiences.

DJ: Why do so many digital transformation projects fail?

Karayi: Software is the lifeblood of any organization—companies rely on software to not just create, but drive value in the digital enterprise. In the fast-changing world of work, it’s imperative that organizations can keep up. But legacy tools and infrastructure are holding organizations back. The rapid development of technology in our personals lives means that we expect to be given the same experience in the workplace—but IT has struggled with outdated tools and technologies. A lack of control and visibility of the IT estate fuels the expectation gap between what employees want and what IT can deliver when it comes to workplace experiences with endpoints.

Because IT has limited tools to give holistic visibility over the IT estate, they can’t do anything to improve the experience employees have with their endpoints. The transformation to a digital enterprise needs insight-driven IT—real-time intelligence into the whole estate (office workers and remote workers) to deliver on the employee experience initiative and start using endpoints as the starting point for digital transformation.

But the endpoint can be the weak point of digital transformation—more employees than ever report they are unhappy with the tools provided by organizations and aren’t as productive as they could be. This is a dangerous prospect for companies because without high performing, productive employees, revenues can—and will—fall.

1E gives IT teams real-time control over every endpoint through a holistic device experience monitoring and remediation tool which allows them to deliver exceptional employee experiences (EX) and accelerate digital transformation through the endpoint.

DJ: How important is leadership for DX success?

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Karayi:Transformation to the digital enterprise is about doing things better and smarter than before so you can become more competitive, deliver better EX and CX, and increase operational efficiencies through things like automation. But it’s not just about tech. It’s about transforming the way we do business from the ground up. Leadership needs to look at the key bottom-line metrics that can be derived from better employee experiences in the digital enterprise and understand that digital transformation is about two things: the change in the organization itself (tools and technologies) and also meeting changing employee / end-user expectations (there’s no business to transform without employees so it’s imperative their technological expectations are met).

Organizations rely on technology to drive business growth, and when devices don’t perform as expected, end-user productivity suffers. 1E gives IT leadership the right tools to finally keep pace with the speed of modern business.

DJ: What challenges do IT departments face in particular?

Karayi:The workplace of 2020 is very different from that of even five years ago. It’s more dynamic, virtualized and app and device-intensive than ever before. Organizations have realized that supporting an optimal employee experience is critical to reaching full business potential. Yet ensuring employees can work without disruption, be autonomous and have the kind of tools they need to do their work has become a greater challenge in the digital workplace. Although IT has a number of tools to support its employees, the kind of tools needed to specifically deal with the challenges in delivering this kind of experience are lacking. What is really needed are tools that put IT on the doorstep of the employee to understand how responsive their device is, new virtual agent capability to truly offer a self-service IT experience, and the ability to quickly find the truth of any issue and resolve it in real-time.

DJ: What is the Tachyon 5.0 solution?

Karayi:The 1E Tachyon Platform is a modern endpoint management solution designed to significantly improve the experience end-users have with their endpoints. Built around a revolutionary real-time engine that provides holistic digital experiences for both monitoring and remediation, Tachyon 5.0 is a powerful tool that helps IT get control of its endless to-do list. And as a communications engine that connects IT in real-time to more than 1.5 million remote endpoints, Tachyon 5.0 was built on best practice IT principles to make it both extremely efficient and easy to deploy. Additionally, the Tachyon Platform functionality is based around four core pillars–deliver world-class end-user experience, automate ServiceNow workflows, enable IT response and remediation in real-time and efficiently manage the software estate and licenses.

DJ: What was the motivation to develop the technology?

Karayi:The number one tool affecting employee productivity and experience is the end-user’s endpoint. But for too long, IT has had limited visibility into the responsiveness of those endpoints and the tools required to optimize them. In order to improve the experience end-users have with their endpoints, 1E is building on its modern management capability by introducing an industry-first holistic digital experience monitoring and remediation tool. By combining this capability with the platform’s existing real-time endpoint control, self-servicing capability and IT task automation, Tachyon 5.0 now significantly improves employee experiences in the digital enterprise.

DJ: How has Tachyon 5.0 been tested out?

Karayi:Over the past 6 months, 1E has partnered with NTT Data, a global leader in workplace services, who leveraged the new Tachyon Platform to collect real-time prescriptive insights, drive proactive remediations and drift control across large scale environments. This functionality, as well as the new experience-based digital monitoring dashboards, enabled the company to reduce IT complexity for their clients and move to XLA-driven service models. Additionally, a number of 1E customers are currently using the solution in smaller production environments, with plans to soon roll it out across its entire estate.

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