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Political connections: Tonto is a potential game-changer for campaigning in the 2024 election

When it comes to winning a political election, conversation matters.

Photo courtesy Tonto
Photo courtesy Tonto

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When it comes to winning a political election, conversation matters. Research suggests that while some politicians spend hundreds of thousands on television advertising, face-to-face conversation is one of the most effective campaigning strategies. But when in-person conversation is not possible, such as a nationwide campaign, platforms like social media app Tonto are helping to fill the gap. 

According to the app’s founder and CEO, Manna Justin, Tonto is changing the way users connect with their political leaders sans murky censorship guidelines and risks of content or accounts being removed. “There are important conversations happening, and free speech is necessary for that,” he says.

Ask any campaign manager the primary objective of candidate messaging, and you will likely get a similar response. Reaching a larger audience and maximizing the impact of those connections is pivotal in swinging the vote. Traditionally done through radio and television, today’s modern politician has turned to social media to keep up with the fast-paced conversation in our digital age. 

While traditional methods remain influential, they have limitations. These mediums often lack the interactivity and real-time engagement that modern voters desire. Meanwhile, social media platforms offer such engagement as they connect followers directly with their favorite candidates. Though the 2020 election unveiled concerns about politically focused censorship for both users and political figures. 

In contrast, Tonto stands out as a unique platform for campaign messaging. The app uses short-form audio as its primary content medium, which users can share publicly with followers or privately through direct messaging. According to Justin, Tonto wants to be the go-to app for politicians in the 2024 election and beyond, thanks to its audio-sharing capabilities and the potential to convey ideas in a straightforward way. 

“The goal of every campaign is to amplify the messaging and reach more people,” points out Justin. “Sure, they can use traditional tools like TV, radio, and print media, but there is nothing like being able to share content in real time.”  

Interactive by nature, Tonto allows campaigners to foster a two-way conversation with potential voters. Features like speech-based replies encourage voter engagement, allowing candidates to address concerns and answer questions directly. As research suggests, those personalized interactions can bring a successful campaign across the finish line. The platform can also serve as an internal voice messaging system for campaign teams.

And while the Tonto has great potential as a key tool in any politician’s campaign toolbox, challenges remain. Authenticity and transparency are key ingredients in voter outreach. Tonto puts candidates in direct contact with their supporters, removing concerns about media bias or “false news” that has been perpetuated in past elections.  

In the run-up to America’s 2024 election, Tonto is a game-changer for candidates on the campaign trail. The platform’s innovative approach to free speech can elevate how campaigns connect with voters, foster meaningful interactions, and ultimately secure voter support. Learn more about Tonto’s potential in the political campaign space at

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