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Pam Sowder shares her secrets to success in her multiple ventures

With more than 26 years of experience in the corporate world, Pam Sowder has seen it all from her involvement in many different industries.

Pam Sowder
Photo courtesy Pam Sowder
Photo courtesy Pam Sowder

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With more than 26 years of experience in the corporate world, Pam Sowder has seen it all from her involvement in many different industries. She owns a company that is worth six digits, hosts a high-rated podcast, and has released a best-selling book called “Rich Girl, Poor Girl.” Pam has an impressive resume she has built for over two decades, but she knows she can still make a difference through her many activities.

Pam has always been passionate about helping people, especially women who strive to make it as entrepreneurs. She knows the struggles and the challenges women face in the industry dominated mostly by males. For this reason, she has worked tirelessly to motivate women to unleash their confident and bold selves. Pam’s amazing body of work has earned her some awards, including being the most influential speaker.

In 1994, Pam became a full-time mom, and since she quit her job to focus on motherhood, she needed other means to support her family. With the support of her husband Dave, she looked for opportunities to work from home but struggled to find one that suited her skills. One day, one of her husband’s clients introduced her to the network marketing concept and she started learning about it soon after.

When she started in the network marketing space, Pam used her background in sales to acquire the necessary new skills. She got a job at a marketing firm and quickly climbed the ranks using her desire to excel and quick learning skills. Some years later, Pam left the company so she could work on starting her own direct marketing company and help more people directly.

By the year 2000, Pam was introduced to a product called Crazy Wrap, the Ultimate Body Applicator developed in Mexico City. She co-founded a company using this product as the inspiration, and it is now a predominant direct sales company in the US. Just a few years in its existence, the company was earning seven digits in sales, which rocketed up to hundreds of millions by 2012.

Today, Pam has scaled her business to greater heights with the help of technology and social media. She effectively leverages Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms to make her business known to other markets. Pam shares her principles, methods, and best practices as a business leader to other entrepreneurs worldwide through these platforms.

Pam wrote the book “Rich Girl, Poor Girl: How to Become the Rich Girl You Were Always Meant to Be” in January 2021. In this book, she shares her personal struggles as a mom and how the industry of business helped her survive. The book is a certified best-seller in many online bookstores and has been rated highly by many readers and critics.

Pam believes that mindset is everything in a business because with a proper mindset, everything else will follow. For this reason, she focuses on developing people’s mindset about money through her podcast, speaking engagements, and social media content. Pam hopes to enlighten more people about financial education as she works to turn her company into a billion-dollar business.

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