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‘Not Coffee’ Oasis founder Jeremy Hoffmann unearths, creates, and demonstrates life’s foreseeable future

Serial entrepreneur Jeremy Hoffmann’s ‘business-baby’ Oasis is a piece of global paradise tackling the multifaceted aspects of modern-day stress.

Photo by Bobo Zhao, BBZ Productions
Photo by Bobo Zhao, BBZ Productions

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When science, technology, and spirituality intertwine, results reward our mind, body, and soul with greater fulfillment. Serial entrepreneur Jeremy Hoffmann’s ‘business-baby’ Oasis is a piece of global paradise tackling the multifaceted aspects of modern-day stress. Providing alternatives for individuals longing to connect, find balance, heal, and thrive, the products like Not Coffee, technologies, and services formed under his watchful eye are set to help humanity remember harmony & infinite potential. We sat down with today’s generational thought leader in the adaptogen and wellness space to learn more.

Picture this: an aligned, harmonious world derived from three powerful pillars; science, technology, and spirituality. Set to heal our mind, body, and soul, today’s hot topic won’t just be how technology connects us. It’s deeper than that – it’s called quantum healing.

These connections between our understanding of ideas about how things work in physical, quantum metaphysical, and spiritual ways are just the tipping point.

What’s turning heads “is our ability to connect to the invisible field and leverage our divine intelligence to gain access to what it is that we need in our lives, whether it’s health or insight, clarity, whatever it may be.”

Accessing this healing field of energy can significantly impact our physical lives. Through these connection points, we can charge up, heal and thrive. But just imagine a future where our struggles and concerns will no longer consume us. Instead, we will unite to create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

For centuries it has been known that we are all part of a larger whole and that our actions and decisions profoundly impact the world around us. The fact is that this form of reality is closer than we think as humanity’s healing journey continues to ignite the world.

Today we are already seeing an influx of stress-reducing products, modalities, and technologies, many of which have been practiced in the past. Yet, healing trends are being modernized and improved thanks to an array of wisdom, tradition, and exemplary thought leaders in the health & wellness space. 

“With the rise of all these holistic technologies and techniques, from sound healing to quantum beds, cold plunging, red light, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens to functional foods,” shares serial entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of Oasis Adaptogens, Jeremy Hoffmann. “It’s clear that what we do and put into our bodies matters, and greatly impacts the quality of our lives.”

Nowadays, no matter what you prefer, these wellness products and modalities are created to help you be the best version of yourself, to help you remember harmony, and to remember who you are, especially in a world riddled with stress-related concerns, overstimulation, and burnout that constantly lowers our quality of daily life.

Photo by Bobo Zhao, BBZ Productions

Like the three points on Jeremy Hoffmann’s triangle-shaped emblem {showcasing his love for science, tech, and spirituality}, connectedness and energy flowing between life’s constant mean everything to the industry’s leading force in the adaptogen space.

After all, many believe that vitality is the key to understanding many of life’s mysteries. Growing up, Jeremy Hoffmann knew he was different. As his family chose to keep him away from the public system in fear of beliefs outside of the Christian faith, things soon turned when the young homeschooled Hoffmann decided to rebel. 

“I felt like I was a lion or an alligator in a cage, to be quite honest. And the minute I figured out how to pick that lock, I bolted out and ended up swinging into the grey markets,” Hoffmann sighs. “I saw it as an opportunity to apply my business sense differently – I thought money would make me happy.”

As he snowballed through life excessively partying, staying awake for days on end, “consuming up to 1000 milligrams of caffeine every single day,” and eventually rejecting Westernized medicine that failed to help him get better – Jeremy Hoffmann turned to nature.

It was only through travel and the discovery of holistic medicine from Ayurveda (ancient India) and Traditional Chinese Medicine that he was able to change. 

“I incorporated functional mushrooms and adaptogens into my diet every day, and in one year, I was able to transform my health 180 degrees completely.” During this time, he incorporated breathwork, meditation, cold plunging, and sound healing into his lifestyle. 

“Once this transformation happened, I sold my house & past business, committing my life to build companies, products, and programs to help others looking for solutions instead of doing things for greed, money, and status,” explains Hoffmann. 

Fascinated by science and technology and himself deeply spiritual, Hoffmann started to see how these three aspects of our lives were interconnected and how by balancing them, we could create a world that was in harmony with nature. It was here his three passion projects were born.

Fast forward, and the founder and CEO of Oasis Adaptogens, Quantum Wellness Spa enhances humanity’s rejuvenation by combining ancient healing with cutting-edge modalities, technology, and protocols, and the impactful company incubator Aligned Earth,  enhances health and wellness space as he continues cultivating products, programs, and businesses devoted to providing people with a recipe for hope and change. 

With a passion and purpose to serve, Hoffmann aims to give individuals back a healthy, personalized alternative – a choice for change to be absorbed into their lives. 

One of his stand-out Oasis highlights, Not Coffee, was awarded “Best in Show” at Planted Expo, Canada’s largest plant-based event. Not Coffee is the most nutrient-rich coffee alternative on the market. With years of testing and formulation, the product is made with over ten functional, organic ingredients. It boasts a rich chocolate flavour with a total therapeutic dose of mushrooms, minerals, and herbs in every scoop.

“For people who are already purchasing products and supplements and are interested to learn more about holistic wellness or don’t know how to jump into that world, Oasis Adaptogens is the gateway,” says Hoffmann. “We make products for people looking to replace their daily habit with a healthy and nourishing ritual.”

Jeremy Hoffmann and his team believe the future of global connectedness is possible and are committed to doing everything possible to help bring it about. 

By inspiring and collaborating with others, and sharing knowledge and insights with those around him, his Oasis Adaptogen products and exciting community projects continue to encourage humanity to realign into a world full of hope, love, and prosperity.

“Our goal is to create and educate in a way that quantifies the value to the community member. How we adapt and switch up our lifestyle can allow us to find harmony and thrive daily,” shares Hoffmann.  

“This isn’t just a product. This isn’t just a service,” expresses Hoffmann. “It shines a light on the holistic approach – making us aware of what we consume, through food, in our minds, what we’re looking at on our screens, or who we follow on social media, for example.” 

The realization of how much you can invest in yourself and how much better you can feel demonstrates how much more value you can offer yourself, your family, and your local communities and employers.

“Getting to the root problem of what you’re experiencing takes time,” explains Hoffman. “There’s no magic pill. However, daily education, experiencing, and implementing adaptogens, breathwork, and other health and wellness modalities can compound and radically transform your life.”

Visit the Oasis Adaptogens website to explore more of what Not Coffee has to offer, or follow Jeremy Hoffmann on Instagram for those who resonate with his personal story

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