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More than just business: Juan A. Gloria’s dedication to the Texas community

Juan A. Gloria, a name synonymous with excellence in the HVAC industry, is known by his Dallas-Fort Worth community as a trusted expert and a reliable friend.

Photo courtesy Juan A. Gloria
Photo courtesy Juan A. Gloria

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In today’s busy world, finding a business or professional who not only possesses unmatched expertise but also deeply cares about their community is a rarity. Juan A. Gloria, a name synonymous with excellence in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, is known by his Dallas-Fort Worth community as a trusted expert and a reliable friend. His dedication to his trade, paired with his passion for helping others, has earned him the respect of his Texas colleagues and neighbors. 

Mr. Gloria has been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area — where temperature extremes are a common challenge — for nearly three decades. After attending trade school and working in the industry for several years, he opened his business, Texas Air Mechanical, in 2003 and has emerged as a one-stop shop for all things HVAC-related over the years. 

Whether installing state-of-the-art cooling systems or conducting intricate repairs, Mr. Gloria and his highly qualified team approach each task with precision and dedication, ensuring that his clients’ comfort is always a top priority. His goal is to give the customer the best on-site experience possible. 

“We are committed to excellence and focused on ensuring 100% client satisfaction on every project,” Mr. Gloria says. “We can solve almost any heating or air conditioning problem, and we do it with a smile and respect for your time and your home or business.”  

Texas Air Mechanical services commercial businesses in the area, including major brands like Coca-Cola and Men’s Wearhouse. They offer more than just HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation; they also provide commercial refrigeration and ventilation services and electric boiler repair and maintenance services. 

Mr. Gloria got his start in the business working with residential clients. He attributes his success to his “day one customers,” the neighbors, friends, and family members who supported him from the start.

“When I started, I took almost any business I could get. I didn’t have my target market then,” Mr. Gloria explains. “Eventually, my background became more commercial, but I still had a lot of residential work to do for my loyal customers who have been there with me since day one.”

Today, Texas Air Solutions mainly deals with clients in the commercial sector. However, Mr. Gloria makes his best effort to tend to the needs of all clients, including residential. His client-centric approach sets him apart from the rest. His goal is to not only work for his clients but also work with them. This reliability and relatability is the cornerstone of his success.

“Even when we’re swamped and can’t take on new residential clients, I want to be there for my customers. People will call me and ask me something about an issue they’re having, and I can often answer the question without even checking it in person,” Mr. Gloria says. “You get to a point where experience is the value you bring to the customer.” 

In some cases, expertise and empathy can seem worlds apart. But for Juan A. Gloria, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. He effortlessly bridges the gap between a business mindset and a human-centric heart. He is the trusted expert who not only keeps homes comfortable but also keeps his community warm with his kindness and dedication. Mr. Gloria’s journey proves that true professionals don’t just excel in their field but in how they help others — and Mr. Gloria is a prime example of both.

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