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Monero (XMR), And Stellar (XLM) are great investments but Quitriam Finance (QTM) might deliver bigger returns

These three cryptocurrencies could help a user in achieving good returns as all three have diverse use cases.

Quitriam Finance
Image courtesy Quitriam Finance
Image courtesy Quitriam Finance

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These three cryptocurrencies could help a user in achieving good returns as all three have diverse use cases. Let’s find out more about their utility and the planned updates of these three coins. 

What Makes These Tokens So Good?

Monero (XMR) is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that will soon undergo a hard fork that will provide better security features for its users. 

The Stellar (XLM) network has focused on processing micro transactions and is a strong competitor to the SWIFT network. 

But there is another cryptocurrency that might provide even bigger returns. It is currently being offered through a presale and has been launched recently and is known as Quitriam Finance (QTM).  

The QTM ecosystem will provide a decentralised exchange for swapping tokens at the click of a button through multiple blockchain networks. 

In addition, it will also help users to lend, stake, and borrow and also provide decentralised finance (DeFi) services easily.

Meet The Coins

Bullish rally on the horizon for Quitriam Finance (QTM)

The Quitriam Finance Token could experience a bullish rally soon after listing as the first phase of the presale is due to end soon and it has seen a lot of interest from both institutional as well as retail investors.

A large number of volume buys have been conducted through the presale and it could see a bullish rally once the coin is listed on major exchanges.

The QTM Token has been created by the Quitriam Finance DAO and will be governed by token holders. A separate governance token MC has been launched for the same. 

The decentralised finance (DeFi) sector has innumerable possibilities in the form of insurance, loan, saving accounts, and trading but most of the DeFi transactions are being conducted on a few blockchain networks.

Ethereum is the primary DeFi network but Quitriam Finance will provide low fees and almost gas less transactions on the Polygon network. Moreover, since the token is multi-chain, it would provide users an option to utilise a preferred network. 

The native decentralised exchange of Quitriam Finance will help in solving issues faced by other Ethereum based DEXs.  Liquidity minion services will also be offered through the QTM DEX and a stable coin known as QT will be launched to provide easy liquidity pairs. 

Purchasing the QTM Token is like buying a basket of coins since it has so many diverse utilities. Find out more through the links given below and reserve your tokens through the presale.

Monero (XMR) introduced tail emissions to encourage miners

Monero has introduced plans for tail emissions that will allow 0.6 XMR rewards for miners. 

At present, block subsidy accounts for 99% of Bitcoin’s block rewards while transaction fees cover the remaining 1%.However, the block subsidy will eventually drop to zero which might result in miners shifting to other chains. 

Monero has plans to override the problem by implementing a 0.6 XMR tail emissions that will help in overcoming the over-reliance on transaction fees while maintaining an incentive for the miners.

This would help in increasing decentralisation in the long term making Monero (XMR) a truly secure network. Tail emission rewards will definitely help in increasing Monero’s attractiveness as a payment currency in the future.  

Novatti discloses plans to launch a stable coin on Stellar (XLM)

Novatti, a fin-tech firm that provides easy options for businesses to process transactions, has announced that it will launch an Australian dollar backed stable coin on the Stellar network (XLM).

The new stable coin on the XLM blockchain will be known as AUDC and will be backed by Australian dollars. It will provide another avenue for the adoption of the Stellar network.

The Stellar Development Foundation has committed support to help Novatti launch the stable coin soon. 

The three coins described above could yield handsome gains, especially Quitriam Finance because of its multiple services under one platform. Research before you invest in a token as cryptocurrencies are volatile investment instruments. 

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