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Mitchell Sozio’s evolution from sneakers to content creation

Mitchell Sozio
Photo courtesy Mitchell Sozio
Photo courtesy Mitchell Sozio

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It can be challenging to recognize when it’s time to leave a business and move on to another venture when the market changes. This is often because you have to start over, learning about the new business, its target audience, and how to leverage what is available to you to reach the top, as was the case for the now celebrated digital content creator Mitchell Sozio.

According to Mitchell, the transition from selling second-hand sneakers to content creation was not as smooth as he had expected. Seeing they are two different fields, he had to invest his time in research to learn more about content creation and how he could use the skills he had gained in reselling sneakers to grow his new venture.

However, he didn’t give up. Mitchell worked his way to the top and is a renowned content creator/influencer. He has been featured in major publications, including The New York Times. Mitchell has also worked with various brands such as Nivea Skin Care, who have previously contacted him to either produce content or post their products.

He says that coming from an entrepreneurial background has helped him in his journey, shaping him into the expert he is today. Mitchell’s parents are deeply involved in businesses and startups, and learning from them, he developed an interest in entrepreneurship from a young age. 

When he was still in middle school, Mitchell started his first venture reselling sneakers, and with time, he built a successful sneaker reselling company. He was touted by top newspapers, magazines, and industry shows, including Robb Report, the Daily Front Row, and The New York Times, sharing his incredible journey and valuable tips to help others in the field.

Unfortunately, when Covid hit, Mitchell recognized that the market for limited edition sneakers was changing and like many entrepreneurs was seeking an alternative business opportunity. In his search for new ventures, it was then he started his journey as a content creator.

Mitchell’s sister is a popular social media and television fashion expert, and at the time, she was looking for someone to help her as she had stopped working in studios. Mitchell was the perfect person to spearhead these activities in building her brand and increasing her online visibility. They began doing her fashion segments via Zoom for shows like New York Live, Good Morning America, and The Today Show, among others. Mitchell’s sister also launched her book Aim High, which he helped promote by creating eye-catching video content, allowing room for more opportunities.

He started getting deals from major brands, with his unique marketing approach assisting him to stand out. As a registered UAV pilot, his skills give him an upper hand in producing high-quality and engaging content. Mitchell has helped create content for companies such as Crocs, Social Native, AXE, and the FOX TV show NEXT, among others. 

“Being an entrepreneur can take many different shapes according to voids in the marketplace and current business trends,” says Mitchell. He adds that the secret to success in your venture is understanding your target audience, their wants and needs, investing in your dream, and working smart. Looking to the future, Mitchell hopes to continue expanding his business, helping startups scale their ventures.

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