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Making a positive difference across the digital world with his ventures, make way for entrepreneur and investor Babak Rabiee

He has excelled as an art collector and blockchain enthusiast and also as a co-founder and CEO of Sahara Protocol.

Babak Rabiee
Photo courtesy Babak Rabiee
Photo courtesy Babak Rabiee

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He has excelled as an art collector and blockchain enthusiast and also as a co-founder and CEO of Sahara Protocol.

It is so astounding to know and learn about all those people and professionals who make sure to cross boundaries to reach their desired growth and success levels.

However, many of them also strive to first reach excellence in all they do to climb their ladder of success in unimaginable ways, ultimately motivating and inspiring others in the industry. Babak Rabiee is all about this and much more. The now Dubai-based entrepreneur believes in creating products that can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. He is the proud CEO and Co-founder of Sahara Protocol, Co-Founder of Light bulb man NFT, and an Investor.

Speaking about his journey, he says he was born in Tehran and today is a 37-year-old Iranian ex-pat. He studied Technical Business Administration at Fontys University Colleges in the Netherlands and then did a Bachelor’s degree in Dutch law from the University of Utrecht.

In 2016, he earned a Nanodegree as a Data Analyst from Udacity. Over the years, anything that attracted him the most was the digital financial industry and specifically Bitcoin. However, his interests were more in its technical aspects, learning to code.

Buying and even losing Bitcoin, he learned in the process and in 2014 started mining them and life changed for him since then. He started dealing with this on an extensive basis and even invested in Finance ICO at that moment, which allowed him to make huge investments. For employment, he flew back and forth from the Netherlands to Dublin. As this wasn’t working well for him, he decided to relocate to Dubai, devising a strategy.

Coming to Dubai, Babak Rabiee saw how customers experienced issues checking out while making payments. He worked around this and now has 30 websites that work with his company, which handle all payment processing. This passionate guy started investing in blockchain last year and founded Sahara Networks, and a few weeks ago, he unveiled Lightbulb Man, the digital art revolution. With Sahara Protocol, he has allowed people to discover a world of complete privacy. It has emerged as the first dedicated privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trade between volatile and stable assets.

Babak Rabiee highlights that time, abilities, and the ability to communicate are the most valuable assets people can have, and instead of focusing on what they can’t do, they must concentrate on their strengths to create their definition of success, just like he did.

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