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Leading the charge: the digital evolution of capital firms with G1 Capital Partners

Christian Gore founded Capital G1 Partners in Dallas with a technology driven mindset from the onset. 

Photo courtesy G1 Capital Partners
Photo courtesy G1 Capital Partners

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Overall, private capital firms are not known for their tech-driven business models. Historically speaking, the industry has tended to use various sources of out-dated information or systems to evaluate opportunities. Christian Gore founded Capital G1 Partners in Dallas with a technology driven mindset from the onset. 

Having recently launched this venture, Gore brings a wealth of experience from his time in various private equity shops. G1 Capital Partners prides itself on its data-driven investment approach, leveraging AI and machine learning for data aggregation. This strategic use of technology enables the firm to make informed decisions about where and when to invest. Over the last cycle, Gore has handled transactions worth approximately $9.5 billion across the US, and aims to raise $200 million in equity by the end of 2024.

“I’ve worked at some large shops and experienced the difficulty of converting systems and documents all in a protected manner when updating tech. We focused on building our tech-friendly infrastructure to be able to execute well on our transactions. Ultimately, from the ground up, we’re very technology-forward for all of our processes. We utilize multiple strategic partnerships with data companies which, I think, give us an edge.”

G1 Capital Partner’s data driven decision making allows for a ”work smarter, not harder” mindset, which means staying current on technology. And often collaborating with startups to stay ahead of the curve.

“The speed to execute the transaction in our world is 60 to 90 days,” Gore says confidently. “We typically can identify an investment in a week.”

But, of course, cutting-edge technology is only the start for Gore. He knows he and his team need to focus on their own strengths, as well as the needs of the investors and clients.

“At the end of the day, we’re doing business with people and enjoy working with some incredible partners. I speak very highly of the team, and selective of who we bring on the team. It’s no different than a sport. I think the best team always wins. That’s my mindset in the business world, as well.”

In addition to staying current with technology and keeping a pulse on the people involved, there’s one more item that Gore makes sure to never lose sight of.

“It’s all about where you’re focusing your time,” Gore says. “We’ve built unique systems and tools to make informed decisions quickly. More importantly, passing on many opportunities that come across our pipeline. Many of our great relationships were driven by providing feedback and developing trust in our abilities to execute on a transaction.”

With G1 Capital Partners, a technology-focused capital firm in today’s digital era, Gore knows how to not only use the most recent and effective tech for real estate investing, but he also knows what aspects of old-fashioned culture to keep. That would be remembering to take care of people and understanding the long term relationship-driven environment at the core.

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